Dial M For Moron

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(The medical clinic we go to has a walk-in service. They upgraded their system with an automated phone system. We have to call the system early on the day to get an appointment for the walk-in of that day. I am coming home from work and would like to have like my asthma checked up. It’s not that bad and it’s probably nothing but I stop by the clinic to see if there’s any places left for the day. I ask the receptionist.)

Receptionist: “Yes, there is. In fact, in about 20 minutes.”

Me: “Great. Can you write me in, please?”

Receptionist: “I can’t. You have to call the automated system.” *She  hands me a business card with the phone number*

Me: “I’m actually here. You want me to go back home to phone the automated system, and then drive back here? You can’t just write me in?”

Receptionist: “That’s the new procedure. Sorry.”

Me: “Oh… okay.”

(I step aside two steps and pick up my cell phone, take the business card and begin to dial the number.)

Receptionist: “Okay, I get it. I’ll write you in.”

Didn’t Sign Up For This

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(I work at a retirement home and on this particular day am covering the concierge’s break when a taxi pulls up and the driver comes in with a pharmacy bag.)

Driver: “Hi, I was asked to deliver this bag here.”

Me: “Sure, who is it for?”

Driver: “I’m not sure. Oh, it says [Resident] on the bag.”

Me: “All right, I’ll call her and have the nurses take it up. Thank you.”

(The driver leaves and I pick up the bag while checking the computer for the resident’s phone number. It’s only then that I see in the big red phrase: ‘Controlled substance. Must be signed for.’ Yeah, I didn’t sign for it and it was delivered by a taxi driver of all people. It wasn’t the last time restricted medications were delivered by taxi either!)

That Manager Is A Good Egg

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(About a dozen of us are in a meeting, video conferencing in from multiple locations, to check in on status of projects. The manager in charge of the meeting opens the conversation a little differently to usual.)

Manager: “Are raw eggs bad for dogs?”

(We all pause, and then start laughing.)

Coworker: “Only if they have salmonella. Otherwise, I think it’s fine.”

Manager: “I left an egg on the counter, and the dog ate it, shell and all!”

(More laughter from everyone. Finally we got the meeting started.)

Lunch Freak

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(I work a very early shift, from 5 am to 2 pm. My coworker picks up the second half of the day, so our hours don’t overlap much. We don’t see our supervisor much as he works on a different floor. One day he comes by my station as I am getting ready for lunch.)

Supervisor: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I always take my lunch around now.”

Supervisor: “No, you can’t go to lunch. It’s only 11 am. It’s far too early to be taking breaks on the job. Wait until 12 pm at the least, or better yet 1 pm.”

Me: “Um, my shift starts at 5 am. I’ve already been on-shift for over six hours with no break. Working for more than five hours in a single shift without a lunch break is actually against regs, but I don’t go to lunch until my coworker gets here to cover the desk. If I waited until 1 pm to go to lunch, I’d just go home, since my shift would be over by the time I got back. But that would still be against regs.”

Supervisor: “But it’s too early for lunch.”

Me: “It’s not early for me. As long as the desk is being covered, why does it matter?”

Supervisor: “I really think you need to develop a better work ethic.”

Very Bad Reception, Part 14

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(My old cat is clearly unwell and is refusing to eat. I call my vet’s office as soon as it opens to make an emergency appointment. The receptionist is female.)

Receptionist: *speaking so fast it’s all slurring together* “[Vet]. Can you hold, please?”

Me: “Sure.”

(At this point, instead of hearing hold music, I hear a man’s voice start talking. I think this is the customer she was on the line with before I called, but as I’m pulling the phone away from my ear, I hear…)

Man On Phone: “But I mean I haven’t spoken to the guy in like seven years, so it’s kind of awkward, you know?”

Receptionist: “Oh, I know. Like, you know how awkward things are with my family. I haven’t talked to my sister in, like, three years and then she calls me and I’m just like, ‘what do you want…'”

(I’m holding the phone further from my ear still, trying not to eavesdrop, but I keep bringing it back to check that she’s not talking to me when I hear the female voice and this conversation keeps going for a few minutes. I’m starting to get irritated that the veterinarian’s receptionist blew off a person worried her cat could be dying to have a long, meandering conversation with what sounds like her boyfriend about something that is neither time sensitive nor an emergency. I’m finally about to speak up and embarrass them when a second receptionist picks up the line.)

Receptionist #2: “Hi, have you been helped yet?”

Me: “No… and you might want to tell your coworker how to use the hold button, because I know way more about her and her friend’s awkward family situation than I ever wanted to.”

(I don’t know yet what’s wrong with my cat, but at least the second receptionist helped me make my appointment after she finished laughing. It took all of two minutes.)

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