A Sheety Service

| AB, Canada | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I borrow my mom’s bicycle, and in the process of the bike ride, the front and rear brakes stop working. I go into the repair shop. The following conversation takes place.)

Store Clerk: “So, if you just sign here on the white sheet, the signature will also copy to the pink and yellow sheets beneath it. After you do that, please take it to the front desk. After you pay, they will take the pink and yellow sheets. We’ll call you when the bike is ready to be picked up.”

(I go and do as he says, and go home. Once home, I realize I still have all three sheets — which means they still have my mom’s bike and no way to contact me, as all my information is on those sheets. So, I go back to the shop and explain what happened.)

Store Clerk: *looking kind of puzzled as I’m standing there* “Well, it’s a good thing you came back, because now we can actually start working on the bike.”

Me: *facepalm*

Like They Were Born Yesterday

| CA, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I go to the pharmacy I have been going to for the last three years. I am on their computer system, which is listed by name and birthdate. My doctor’s office tells me to pick up my prescription. I usually don’t have any problems.)

Me: “Hello, I have a prescription for myself. My name is [First Name] [Last Name] and my birthday is January 20, 195X.”

Clerk: “Okay, what’s your name?”

Me: “[First Name] [Last Name].”

Clerk: “How do you spell your last name?”

Me: *spells last name*

Clerk: “Your birthdate?”

Me: “January 20, 195X.”

Clerk: “January 15, 195X?”

Me: “January 20.”

Clerk: “January 15?”

Me: “No, January 20.”

Clerk: “January 15?”

Me: “January 20. Two-Zero. Twenty.”

Clerk: “Oh, I keep on thinking you said fifteen. Okay, January 20, 2015?”

Me: “Do I look one year old to you?”

Talking Bananas

| ID, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I often stop to get milkshakes from a Greek food drive-thru known for its shakes. It’s important to note that while the food is Greek, the employees are local, native English speakers.)

Employee: “Welcome to [Fast Food]. What can I get for you?”

Me: “I’d like a large thick vanilla shake and a large thin mint shake.”

Employee: “Okay, so that’s two large vanilla shakes, one thick and one thin?”

Me: “No, a thick vanilla and a thin mint.”

Employee: “Oh, okay, a large thick vanilla and a medium thin vanilla. Got it.”

Me: “No, only ONE vanilla. Thick. The other one is a THIN MINT shake.”

Employee: “…Banana?”

Me: “Please, just let me order at the window.”

The Bosses Need To Clean Up Their Act

| MN, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful, Liars/Scammers

(We have a health inspection and it doesn’t go totally well. The owner has a lot of unfinished construction projects going on including floors, seating, tiles, plumbing, and hoods. I had worked the night before, but apparently the owner’s son made a pizza after we closed and made a mess in kitchen, and guess who is blamed? I have two bosses, husband and wife, both lazy in cleaning.)

Boss #1: “We failed the health inspection because you didn’t clean that well.”

Boss #2: “I don’t get why you can’t ever do your god-d*** job and just clean! It’s not that hard to do; after all, we all do it daily!”

Me: “What did they say about the unfinished projects all over for the last four years?”

Boss #1: “This is about you. You didn’t clean properly; the whole pizza line was just covered in toppings and flour all over the place. The bar had drinks spilled all over.”

Boss #2: “Besides, don’t talk to us about our jobs; we can get away with it because we can claim we can’t afford it, but now we’re going to be fined and it’s your fault.”

Boss #1: *addressing to the coworkers just entering their shifts* “Well, everyone blame [My Name] for the lack of raises you will get since he is too lazy to clean properly. Because of him, no one is getting a raise this year. We never take any time off because we are always here working and trying to make our place successful so we can one day retire and/or open a franchise of this place.”

(They were just on vacation less than a week ago for six days to see a concert and celebrate a wedding of a family friend. A month before that they were gone for two weeks for spring break. All the while I haven’t had vacation time in almost three years. I only stay because I need the money, but at this point who knows if I will stay. I hope things improve but they don’t look promising.)

We’ll Resumé This Later

| USA | Job Seekers

(Shortly after college, I got a job as a receptionist at a small, local company. My desk was right inside the front door, in an area completely walled-off from the rest of the building, and separated by one door with a key-card lock. Walk-in appointments were never allowed, so I would take all the messages and deliveries for every employee in the main office behind me. One afternoon, less than a half hour before closing, a college student comes in, dressed professionally, and carrying a folder.)

Student: “I saw your company was hiring interns, and I’d like to drop off my resume.”

Me: “Sure, I can take that and pass it on to HR.”

Student: “I’d like to speak to someone about it before I drop it off.”

Me: “Well, since it’s so late in the afternoon, our HR staff has actually already left for the day. But they’ll get your paperwork first thing in the morning.”

Student: “Can I see someone in charge of the position I’m applying for?”

Me: “He’s actually out of the office, too, I’m afraid.”

Student: “I need to speak to someone I can leave my resume with.”

Me: “You can leave it with me, and I’ll personally set it on our HR head’s desk, and double-check tomorrow morning to make sure she reviews it.”

Student: “Can I speak to someone in charge of hiring?”

(At this point, I can tell he’s not going to leave, even though I can’t give him a walk-in appointment, and even if I could, there is no one currently in the building who would have anything to do with hiring interns. To appease him, I message a coworker in the back to see if anyone from HR stayed late, even though I can see by their IM statuses that they’re all offline. The reply I receive confirms that the entire department is gone already.)

Me: “I’m sorry, everyone in HR has definitely already left for the day. But I go right by their desks on my way out, so I can leave your resume there with a note and your contact information. They’ll get it first thing in the morning.”

Student: “Can I talk to someone that I can leave my resume with?”

Me: “No one’s available right now. It’s the end of the day, and no one’s still here from HR. But I take all their messages and deliveries and I can promise you I’ll have it on the HR head’s desk before I leave tonight.”

Student: “Can I see someone in charge of hiring so I can leave my resume?”

(This continues for several minutes. Finally, in sheer desperation, I let myself into the main office, and grab the first person I see and quickly fill him in on the situation. I drag my poor, bewildered coworker out to the front, where he (finally!) successfully takes the student’s resume. The student, finally satisfied, says a quick “thank you” and hurries out of the office.)

Me: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what to do! He wouldn’t leave the building until he’d personally handed that to someone besides me!”

Coworker: “No problem. I’ll give this to HR in the morning, but it’s safe to say they’re not going to hire him after they hear about how he dropped this off!”

(We never did hire him. I hope he eventually learned that it’s possible to be TOO persistent when trying to impress a potential employer!)

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