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I’m often mistaken for a worker no matter what i wear, as long as people are polite it doesn’t bother me, this occasion was new for me.

Woman: Excuse me can you tell me what computer i should buy?

Me: I’m sorry i don’t work here.

Woman: Im sorry deary, typical of this store, never a staff member in sight.

Me: No worries, (looking around clearly no one in sight) maybe i might be able to help, What are you looking to do?

(She tells me that she wants something for her young grandson, clearly a PC would be unsuitable as all he needs is internet and emails.)

Me: so perhaps a table would be better? It would be cheeper and he could use it on the go.

Woman: (she looks happy at first, but looking at all the choice, a worried expression crosses her face) err which one would you buy?

Me: Ok, well these models are too expensive, this one really wouldn’t last. (half to myself) we need one that has a good “brain” and with an easy to use “program” so that he can pick up easily enough.

(I find two good branded, mid-range options, one comes with anti virus the other is much cheaper.)

Me: (Turning around) One of these would be good.

Staff: Can i help you ?

Me: Oh didn’t see you there, this lady would like a tablet and i have offered these two as options.

Staff: Don’t listen to him, typical man wanting to explain everything. What you need is a PC.

Woman: I don’t want a PC, this man has explained everything, i want a tablet.

Staff: No you don’t a PC is much better, come with me i will show you what you want.

Woman: (not budging) no thank you, i have made up my mind and i want (looking to the tablets) this one.

Staff: Ugh fine whatever! get it wrong see if i care! (storms off)

(We look at each other before laughing, she goes off to pay and i finish my shopping, It wasn’t long before a manager approaches me because of the member of staff. We had to get security footage to prove that i wasn’t the one harassing customers.)

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