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(I’m 15 years old and pretty buff. I help my mom at her bakery on Saturdays, and to note, she looks way younger than she is.)

Customer: Daym, who is that sl** back there! I would totally his that.

(My mom overheard the conversation and started dialing the police)

(Then, my mom’s boyfriend walks in, another buff guy…)

(As my mom tells him what had been happening, the customer orders)

Customer: seriously, give me that b****s number already!

(Mom’s boyfriend walks up)

Me: listen, the police are on their way (police car pulls up) we’re going to file a restraining order, and if you even think about doing anything to my mother ( customer’s eyes widen, as me and ( mom’s boyfriend) crack our knuckles simultaneously) you are NOT going to here the end of it!

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