Boss In The U.S.A. (And Everywhere Else)

| Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Bosses & Owners

(I work at a radio station. The station manager likes to keep her desk close to the control room to be in on the action. One day, the morning show host is on the phone to a manager in another department, and has had to hang up the phone rather quickly to do his cut-in.)

Announcer: “The Boss, Bruce Springsteen here on [radio station’s name]…”

(The announcer finishes his cut in. When he’s done, the station manager jumps up from her desk and comes running into the control room.)

Manager: “How DARE you call [other manager] ‘the boss’! I AM YOUR BOSS AND YOU NEVER FORGET THAT!”

Announcer: “I wasn’t talking about [the other manager]. I was on the air. I was talking about Springsteen.”

Manager: “Why would you call Springsteen the boss?!”

Announcer: “‘The Boss’ is a fairly common nickname for Springsteen.”

Manager: “Oh. Well, he’s not your boss either! I AM, AND YOU NEVER FORGET THAT!”

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