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I’ll Drink To That!

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(I am waiting in line at a grocery store.)

Cashier: “If you are buying alcohol, I need to check ID if you look under 40 years old.”

Older Customer: “Really?”

Cashier: “Yes. It’s really stupid, though, so I’m not going to do that. They can fire me if they want.”

Should Have Espresso’d It Clearer, Part 2

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(I am driving through a fairly rural part of Idaho on business trip and need a little caffeine boost. I pull over to a truck stop that has a little coffee shop called something like “Cafe Espresso” (I don’t remember the exact name, but the word “Espresso” was part of it).)

Me: “Hi, I’d like a double espresso.”

Clerk: “A what?”

Me: “A double espresso; two shots of espresso.”

Clerk: “You mean strong coffee…  with nothing in it?”

Me: “Yes, an espresso.”

Clerk: “Weird… no one has ever asked for anything like that before.”

(I can kind of understand not being used to people ordering an espresso in a rural area that isn’t inundated with Starbucks and the like, but to not be familiar with a menu item that is part of the title of the establishment baffled me.)


Should Have Espresso’d It Clearer

A Different Kind Of Medical Emergency

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(I live with my grandmother. She has recently had a spate of issues and more than once had to spend several days in hospital. It is about four months after her most recent visit and she begins to display many of the symptoms she had during that time. The paramedics arrive and decide not to send her to hospital but call out a referral to an emergency GP who can visit later that day. The doctor in question gets paid a fortune for coming out. He arrives about five hours later. Before even looking at my grandmother he speaks.)

Doctor: “I don’t understand why I am called out like this. It is not an emergency. You should just wait and see your local GP. *he starts making moves to leave*

Me: “Woah… Hold up there, buddy, Let’s think about this. I called an ambulance and you’re quite right. They felt she did not need to go to hospital but wanted to get a second opinion just in case they were wrong. Now, you haven’t even been here a minute and you haven’t even looked at my grandmother, but suddenly you know she’s fine and are leaving.”

Doctor: “This is just paramedics covering their a**es. I don’t need to do this.”

Me: “Then, honestly, what is your job? You don’t see patients in a surgery and only get called out if a paramedic recommends it. I tell you what. You tell me your NHS ID number and I will call up the NHS and recommend you get put in a different position, either in a hospital or surgery, where you don’t get paid a fortune per hour for turning up at a patient’s house and then buggering off again. I’m certain there will be someone else willing to do this job. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m [My Name] and I currently work for the NHS as a finance manager, and right now I’m looking to save money for the service…”

Doctor: “So, [Grandmother], how about we check your vitals and see if we can’t work out what’s wrong with you.”

(For the record I don’t work for the NHS. I just wanted to put him in his place.)

Not Thinking Outside The Unboxed

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(I pop into a grocery store on my way home from work to pick up some cat food. I find the pet food aisle and the shelves are almost completely bare. There are just a handful of cat food cans, none of the brand I usually feed my cat. I go up to the nearest employee, who is standing next to the registers talking to the cashier, for help.)

Me: “Hi, can you tell me where all of the cat food is? The brand I want isn’t on the shelf. Are you guys moving the pet food to a different area?”

Employee: *giggling* “Oh, that’s all in the back room!”

Me: “Okay, well, can you go back and get me [Brand] in the smaller bag?”

Employee: *giggles again* “No, it’s all boxed up. We won’t be un-boxing them until tomorrow afternoon. You’ll have to come back.”

(By now I’m really annoyed as I just had used the last of the cat food this morning and cannot return home without more.)

Me: “I can’t come back; I’m all out!”

Employee: “Well, we’re not un-boxing it until tomorrow. You’ll just have to wait.”

(The lady then turns back to the cashier.)

Employee: “Can you believe this lady? Jeesh!”

(There was a man with his little girl lining up behind me, so I didn’t say what I really wanted to say. I was so mad I just stormed out and went to another location where they not only had the brand I wanted, but it was on sale!)