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25 Of The Most Outrageous Things You’ll Find In Chinese Walmarts

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You think your local Walmart sells everything? Think again, and take a trip to Walmart in China; you won’t believe some of the things you will find in their aisles – with a very good chance that some of them will find you!


#1: Water with a little bit less ‘H’ in the ‘H2O.’

How this hasn’t taken off in California yet we have no idea. We could see Whole Foods making a killing on this, maybe marketing it as “100% Pure Dihydrogen Monoxide – You Literally Cannot Live Without It!” before all the hipsters and yuppies shell out $6 per bottle. But as to what actually makes it diet, the company Sapporo claims it contains specialized peptide bonds that enter your bloodstream and seek out fat cells. Then again Sapporo also make beer, so they obviously know what they’re talking about when it comes to good nutrition.

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