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Intolerant To Lactose Intolerance, Part 2

| Denver, CO, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I go out to eat with a friend at an Italian place. I am mildly lactose intolerant.)

Me: “Can I have veggie panini, but without the mozzarella?”

Waitress: “It comes with the cheese.”

Me: “Yes, I realize that. I cannot have large amounts of cheese.”

Waitress: “But it comes with the cheese.”

Me: “The menu says everything is made to order.”

Waitress: “Yeah?”

Me: “So… just ask them to leave off the cheese, please? I don’t want to be ill.”

Waitress: “It’s just cheese. It’s fresh.”

Me: “I get that. I also know that I cannot have it. I am allergic. Can you please ask them to leave it off?”

Waitress: “Okay, but it’s supposed to come with it.”

(We get our food a few minutes later.)

Me: ‘Miss, uh, this is full of cheese.”

Waitress: “Yeah.”

Me: “I asked for no cheese when I ordered it. I am allergic. I cannot have it.”

Waitress: “It’s just cheese.”

Me: “Yes. It’s just cheese. However, I am lactose intolerant. I cannot have cheese. It makes me ill. Can you please have them remake this?”

Waitress: “But it comes with cheese!”

Friend: “Listen, miss, I have no idea what the problem is here, but when things are made to order, it’s entirely possibly to swap out certain ingredients. She is not asking you to change the bread or the veggies and make a miracle happen. She just wants you to respect her allergy and simply ask the cooks to make the sandwich without the cheese. It’s not difficult.”

Waitress: “Oh, please! Everyone knows that allergy is a myth! She can eat it if she wants to!”

Friend: “Lactose intolerance is not a myth, a fad, or anything like that. It’s an actual problem. It’s an allergy to lactose, which is in dairy. Now, she asked you to do something incredibly simple. Can you please take the correct order so she can eat?”

Waitress: “You are so rude!” *storms off and points us out to her manager*

Manager: “Excuse me, is there an issue?”

Me: “Yes, actually. I tried ordering this without cheese, as I am allergic. She fought with me over it and then said she would do it. She brought me this which, as you can see here, has cheese. She then refused to have them remake it and essentially told me that I am a liar, since she doesn’t think lactose intolerance is real.”

Manager: *turns to his employee* “Is this true?”

Waitress: “It’s just cheese!”

Manager: *to her* “Are you kidding me?” *to us* “I am so sorry. I will have that properly remade and both of your meals will be on the house. I can promise that if you ever return here, she will definitely not be waiting on you – or anyone – at this location.”

(The cheese-free panini was fantastic, even though it took about an hour to get it!)

Intolerant To Lactose Intolerance


Needs A Sweeter Disposition

| CA, USA | Coworkers, Food & Drink

(It’s seven am in the office, and only two people there – I, a female, and one male coworker.)

Me: “There’s some really great chocolate in the kitchen. You should try it.”

Male Coworker: “I don’t really eat sweets.”

Me: “What is wrong with you?!”

(A couple of days later, I overhear a conversation between two completely different coworkers, one male and one female, who were definitely not there for the previous conversation.)

Female Coworker: “There’s some really great chocolate in the kitchen. You should try it.”

Other Male Coworker: “I don’t really eat sweets.”

Female Coworker: “What is wrong with you?!”


They Have Muffin To Worry About

| FL, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Tourists & Travel

(We’re English, on holiday as a family, two adults, two children, and in Florida for the first time. It’s our last day and we are having breakfast at our favourite restaurant before heading for the airport. It’s a buffet restaurant but we have found they have the best blueberry muffins. Just before we finish breakfast I mention to my husband that we should try to pay extra for some muffins to take with us for a snack in the airport, so we decide to ask our waitress, who is a lovely Scandinavian girl.)

Me: “Hey, [Waitress], do you think we would be allowed to buy four extra blueberry muffins to take with us. We know we’ll need a snack at the airport and these are the nicest we’ve ever had.”

Waitress: *in stilted English* “Errm, I not sure. I go see.”

(About 15 minutes go by and we figure that she has been told no, when she appears again with a man, who we find out is the manager.)

Manager: “Hi, I’m [Name], the duty manager. I understand you have a problem with our blueberry muffins.”

Husband: “Oh, no, no… They’re the best we’ve had while we’ve been here and [My Name] wanted to know if we could pay extra for four to take with us to the airport. [Waitress] must have misunderstood. After all it’s probably an unusual request.”

Manager: *laughing* “Oh, right, that’s no problem, sir. [Waitress] will bring you some right out, no extra charge. I have to tell you though, it’s just a packet muffin mix and we just add extra blueberries! Now, you have a safe journey home and we hope you make it back here soon.”

(Our smiling waitress returned a few minutes later with a bag of eight hot blueberry muffins AND a bag of muffin mix! Needless to say, we have been back several times since and we make a point of stopping at that restaurant where we always get great service. We’ve never seen the same waitress or the manager again, though.)


Burst Their Bubble Tea

| Ithaca, NY, USA | Bigotry, Employees, Food & Drink

(I attend a college with a high population of Asian students, which means that the surrounding commercial area has a lot of Asian shops and restaurants that are usually staffed by Asian workers. A new bubble tea place opens, so I decide to stop by on my way to my boyfriend’s apartment one day. Bubble tea can come with “bubbles,” which are very chewy and round, or “jellies,” which are firmer and rectangular. Note: I am white, and my boyfriend is half-Asian and speaks perfect Mandarin.)

Me: “Hi, can I get a mango green tea with bubbles, please?”

Cashier: “We can’t do that. All of our drinks come pre-made. The mango green tea comes with jellies.”

Me: “Oh, um… Can I add bubbles with the jellies, then?”

Cashier: “It’s $0.50 extra.”

Me: “Okay, whatever.”

(They make my drink and I take it back to my boyfriend’s place. I explain to him what happened, and tell him what I’d like to do next. We go back to the tea shop the next day. My boyfriend goes up to the counter and orders in Mandarin while I lurk out of sight. A couple minutes later, he brings me my drink.)

Boyfriend: “I asked for a mango green tea with bubbles and they just asked what size. And their drinks aren’t pre-made; they make them in the back from scratch!”

(Now every time I want a bubble tea, my boyfriend has to order it for me or the workers try to give me something I don’t want!)