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This Call Was Destined To Be Fatality

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(I work in a video game store that also rents consoles per hour. When there are no customers, the owner allows us to play on the consoles. We have a phone, which is usually just to talk to our other locale, but for some days we’ve been getting calls from an airline that usually goes the same…)

Me: “[Business], what can I help you with?”

Sales Rep: “Good afternoon. I’m with [Airline] and I want to talk you about our special offers. Can I speak to the owner of the house?”

Me: “I told you, this is not a house. It’s a business.”

Sales Rep: “Would you still be interested in setting up a sales plan with us?”

Me: “I already said no. Please, stop calling.”

(One day I’m with another worker and he answers the call.)

Coworker: “It’s the airline guys again.”

Me: “You know what? Pass me the phone.”

(He does so. Currently I’m playing a fighting game that is infamous because of the gruesome finishing moves you can perform on the loser of the match. I proceed to increase the volume.)

Sales Rep: “Good afternoon, sir. Would you be interested in…”

(I immediately pointed the phone towards the TV just as the winning character proceeded to kill the opponent in a pretty violent fashion, complete with loud, pained screams. They stopped calling after that.)


The Ocarina Of Crime

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(We’ve been receiving a LOT of scam and spam calls on our landline, despite the number being on the Do Not Call list.)

Me: *picks up* “Hello?”

Caller: *has a very heavy Indian accent* “Miss? I am calling from the Internal Revenue Service about penalties on your—”

Me: *howls with laughter* “F*** you, I work for a tax firm. I know the IRS doesn’t cold call about penalties.” *hangs up*

(Almost as soon as I’ve hung up, the phone rings again. ID shows it’s coming from the same number.)

Caller: *attempting to sound intimidating* “Listen here, you will be in very much trouble with the IRS. This is not a joke—”

(I laugh even more loudly and obnoxiously than I did the first time and hang up on him again. Almost immediately, the phone starts to ring a third time from the same number. Fed up with this belligerent scammer, I grab my replica Legend of Zelda ocarina off my desk before I pick up the phone.)


(He stopped calling after I responded with a very loud and sustained blast of the most ear-piercingly high pitched shriek of a note the ocarina could produce straight into the phone speaker.)


May Theme Of The Month: Revenge of the Geeks!

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Introducing the Theme Of The Month: Revenge of the Geeks!

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  2. At the end of the month, we’ll feature our favorite Theme Of The Month stories in a roundup!
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