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(I managed to order the wrong length of HDMI cable online. With delivery dates long, and no TV, I visit the local large chain computer store.)

Me: “Excuse me, where are the HDMI cables?”

Worker #1: “Oh, I think they are over there somewhere.” *gestures vaguely*

Me: “Oh, okay, thanks.”

(I eventually find the display, completely in the wrong direction, and pick out some items.)

Worker #1: “Oh, good you found them.” *looking at the items I’ve picked* “Oh, you don’t want those ones.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Worker #1: “That cable is far too long. The picture will be very poor quality. Here, this is the one you want.”

(He picks up the most expensive cable a meter shorter than I needed.)

Me: “Oh, err, no thanks. I need one at least four meters long. These will do fine.”

Worker #1: “No, no, no, just move the TV closer. You really need a better quality cable.”

(Worker #1 pushes the cable into my hands and tries to snatch the cheaper ones from me.)

Me: *recoiling in surprise* “I can’t move the TV closer, and I assure you these will be fine.”

Worker #1: “Look, I know what I’m talking about. You need these ones. Long cables will lose the picture.” *a lie*

Me: *exhausted* “So these cheaper ones won’t work?”

Worker #1: “No. You need the better ones.”

Me: “So why do you sell them?”

Worker #1: “I er, well these are just far better. Listen I know what I’m talking about. Hey, [Worker #2], come here a second. Can you PLEASE explain why he wants these ones and not the cheap ones.”

Worker #2: “Well, these cables will give you a much better picture. The cheaper ones won’t give you 1080p.” *another lie*

Me: “I’ve had enough. These will be fine. This is the end of the discussion. I’m paying and leaving.”

(I eventually get past the two workers. They still call out to me as I get to the till.)

Cashier: “Oh, are you sure you want these? We have an offer on [Expensive Brand] cables this week.”

Me: “No, thanks.”

Cashier: “Are you sure? These ones will break much faster than the better ones.” *lies again*

Me: “Ring me up.”

Cashier: “I was just trying to—”

Me: “Ring me up now; if I hear one more lie from you or your colleagues I will register a complaint.”

Cashier: “Fine.” *throws the cable at me*

(Safe to say, I never shopped there again.)


Darwin Wasn’t Right About These Idiots

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(I am at my mother-in-law’s house visiting, with my husband. My mother-in-law gets a lot of calls from telemarketers… at least 20 a day. I would answer them sometimes just for fun and mess around with the telemarketers. After all, our repeated attempts to get them to stop calling has fallen on deaf ears in the past.)

Telemarketer: *with a strong accent, but trying to sound Australian* “G’day mate, sir, I am just calling because I am offering to you a true blue, fair dinkum holiday to Darwin!”

Me: “Oh, cool! Wow! That’s awesome! But before I accept… can you tell me which state Darwin is in?”

Telemarketer: “…Uh, of course! I am Australian! I would know! It’s in Tasmania.”

Me: “Oooh, yeah, no… I guess you failed to scam me today. Better luck next time!” *I hang up*

(At the time, it was on the news in Australia that there were telemarketers from overseas who were learning to put on Australian accents and outdated/cliché colloquialisms to pretend to be wholesome Australian companies. Scammers followed, giving away “awesome holidays” and “prizes.” All we had to do was hand over our bank details and identities. Trouble for them is the fact that it’s rare that anyone overseas can actually impersonate an Australian accent without sounding like an idiot. What a great laugh we had, though. Finally we found a website that stopped the calls completely, but that’s not as much fun.)


Truth, Justice, American Way, Not Found Here

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(My friend gets a last minute scholarship to study in China, and because she luckily got in just before the start of the school year, she doesn’t have any place to live there. She then looks for a hotel room to stay until she can find an apartment. This happens at the hotel where she actually finds a room. She is queuing behind two couples of tourists, the first being Chinese, the second being American. We are French, and she is both fluent in English and Chinese.)

Chinese Couple: *in Chinese* “Hi, we would like to book a room.”

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Sure ! May I see some ID?”

Chinese Couple: *show both Chinese passports*

Clerk: *in Chinese* “That will be [price] a night. Here are your keys; your room is at [floor]. Have a nice stay!”

(The Chinese couple goes to their room.)

American Couple: *in English* “Your cheapest room for two people.”

Clerk: *in English* “Sure. May I see your passports?”

American Couple: *give United States passports*

Clerk: *in English* “That’ll be [twice the amount the Chinese couple paid for] for each night.”

American Couple: *swipes card, gets keys, thanks the clerk, goes to their room*

My Friend: *in Chinese* “Hello, I would like a room, please.” *gives French passport*

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Sure. That will be [price just a bit higher than the Chinese couple, but still a lot cheaper than the American couple].”

My Friend: *in Chinese* “But didn’t that last couple ask for the cheapest available room? May I ask why all of the prices are different ? Aren’t these rooms all standard with double bed?”

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Yes, they all are. We just charge more for foreigners, and we charge American guests for a lot more because they’re stupid and always a pain in the a**.”

(My friend was dumbfounded, but sadly still stayed there as the other hotels of the area were fully booked.)

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