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The Bosses Need To Clean Up Their Act

| MN, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful, Liars/Scammers

(We have a health inspection and it doesn’t go totally well. The owner has a lot of unfinished construction projects going on including floors, seating, tiles, plumbing, and hoods. I had worked the night before, but apparently the owner’s son made a pizza after we closed and made a mess in kitchen, and guess who is blamed? I have two bosses, husband and wife, both lazy in cleaning.)

Boss #1: “We failed the health inspection because you didn’t clean that well.”

Boss #2: “I don’t get why you can’t ever do your god-d*** job and just clean! It’s not that hard to do; after all, we all do it daily!”

Me: “What did they say about the unfinished projects all over for the last four years?”

Boss #1: “This is about you. You didn’t clean properly; the whole pizza line was just covered in toppings and flour all over the place. The bar had drinks spilled all over.”

Boss #2: “Besides, don’t talk to us about our jobs; we can get away with it because we can claim we can’t afford it, but now we’re going to be fined and it’s your fault.”

Boss #1: *addressing to the coworkers just entering their shifts* “Well, everyone blame [My Name] for the lack of raises you will get since he is too lazy to clean properly. Because of him, no one is getting a raise this year. We never take any time off because we are always here working and trying to make our place successful so we can one day retire and/or open a franchise of this place.”

(They were just on vacation less than a week ago for six days to see a concert and celebrate a wedding of a family friend. A month before that they were gone for two weeks for spring break. All the while I haven’t had vacation time in almost three years. I only stay because I need the money, but at this point who knows if I will stay. I hope things improve but they don’t look promising.)

Scamming Inside The Box

| Newark, DE, USA | Criminal/Illegal, Liars/Scammers, Technology

(I tend to get a fair amount of “Windows Tech Support” scam calls, and I’ve adopted my father’s way of handling them. This time, though, it gets a bit interesting.)

Caller: “Hello! This is [Name] from Window Tech Support. We’ve recently been notified that you have viruses on your PC.”

Me: “Really? Cause I run a Mac and a Linux machine.”

Caller: “We also service Apple! Are you at your computer at the moment?”

Me: *adding to my story a bit at his persistence* “No, it’s still in the box.”

Caller: “Well, can you go to the computer? How old is the Mac?”

Me: “It’s brand new, still in the box. I haven’t even set it up yet.”

Caller: “Ma’am, how long have you had the computer?”

Me: “A few hours? We just moved and got the new machine and I haven’t set it up yet.”

Caller: “Ma’am, we need you to get onto the computer because of the viruses.”

Me: “If it has viruses then we need to talk to Apple because this is a brand new machine. It’s still in the original packaging.”

Caller: *as if I’m the idiot here* “Ma’am. Please go to the computer and turn it on.”

Me: *fed up but keeping my story consistent* “Look. It’s still in the original packaging. I’m not an idiot, and I know this is a scam.”

Caller: *hangs up*

Once, Twice, Thirty Times A Scam

| Chicago, IL, USA | Liars/Scammers

(The phone rings.)

Caller: “Hi, this is Windows technical department. I am calling you because there is a problem with your computer. It has viruses th—“

Me: “Wait, I am sitting at my computer. Just a minute.”

Caller: “Okay.”

Me: “Let me pull up Google and check this out.”

Caller: “You do not need to check. This is Windows technical depart—“

Me: “I entered ‘Windows technical department phone call’ into Google and I have the first ten hits and everyone of them has the word ‘Scam’ in it. Why is that?”

Caller: “This is not a scam; this is the Windows technical department and I—“

Me: “Okay, let’s look at the next ten hits. Yep, they all say ‘Scam’ and so do the next ten.”

Caller: “This is not a scam; this is the Windows technical department and I—“

Me: “Yep, you do seem to be on script. However I have Google telling me thirty times that you are a scam and some random phone guy telling me that he is not. I think I will believe Google.”

Caller: “You cannot prove that this is a scam and—“

Me: “I do not have to prove anything; you called me. What can you prove?”

Caller: “This is Windows technical department. I am calling you because there is a problem with your computer. It has viruses th—“

Me: “So back to the beginning of the script. Sorry, I have better things to do.” *hang up*

Trafficking In Excuses

| USA | Liars/Scammers, New Hires

(We have recently hired a new cashier. She’s a bit bratty, but is a good worker. She also spends way too much time on her phone while working as well as occasionally coming in late. It is one of our busiest mornings yet, and we only have one cashier on duty, while the new hire is late. Desperate, I call her.)

Me: “[New Hire]? Where are you?! We’re getting slammed here. Why aren’t you at work yet?”

New Hire: “Yeah, there’s been a lot of traffic and there’s really nothing I can do.”

Me: *skeptical as I have heard people use that excuse before* “Really? Well, if you are in the middle of traffic, then send me a picture.”

New Hire: *hangs up*

Me: *gets new notification*

(It’s a selfie of her wearing VERY reflective sunglasses in the car and driving. At first, I thought that I’ll let her off the hook, but then I notice something and I call her back.)

New Hire: *rather smugly* “Told you I was in traffic.”

Me: “Yeah, I thought as much, but I noticed something about the picture you sent me.”

New Hire: *sounding less certain but still smug* “Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

Me: “How about the fact that we live in one of the most populous cities in America and that the background is a flat plain? And how about the fact that your sunglasses shows absolutely NO cars in front of you?”

New Hire: *hangs up*

(A few days later, I got a call from my boss stating that she had been fired, not only for ditching work but also for faking it, as well by coming in the back when we were busy and changing the work logs. She still occasionally drops in to glare and leave a bad report on me. They always get tossed.)

Do Not Pass Word, Go Directly To Jail

| USA | Liars/Scammers

(Earlier in the day, I got a phone call from a female scammer claiming to be from my auto lender. I had a password put on that account for security. About an hour later, I get another call while driving.)

Scammer: “I’m calling to get a car payment from you or your car will be repossessed.”

Me: “What’s the password?”

Scammer: “There is no password. I need your bank account number to process your payment or I’ll take your car.”

Me: “What’s my current address and which car is it?”

Scammer: “[Address from three years ago] and [Car I haven’t owned in years].”

Me: “You know what? Come and get it! It hasn’t worked for months! I’m going to sue you for selling me a piece of crap car! I lost my job because of it and now I don’t know how I’m going to feed my kids!” *continuous stream of profanity and accusations at the scammer*

Scammer: *keeps trying to interrupt, finally hangs up*

(Let him try to go to a place I no longer live at to take a car I no longer own.)

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