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Could Have Survived That Better

| Tampa, FL, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Language & Words, Movies & TV

(I work with a small mom and pop pharmacy for several years. Due to budget cuts it is necessary to layoff an employee. After discussing our options the owner decides to fire a technician who, though friendly, is relatively lazy. This is when Survivor first debuted.)

Boss: “So, [Coworker], you’ve been voted off the island.”

Coworker: “…”

Me: “…”


Makes Them Want Their Sierra Madre

| MO, USA | Employees, Movies & TV

Woman: *to post office clerk* “Don’t you guys have to wear badges?”

Clerk & Me: *and every other guy in the place* “Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

(She obviously didn’t get the reference and I think we frightened her.)


Wish You Could See What You’re Saying

| Portsmouth, England, UK | Movies & TV, New Hires

(A new colleague and I are screen-checking a film that is about to start and making sure people aren’t disturbing others or fooling around when the ‘strobe lighting’ warning comes up on the screen to alert anyone who is sensitive to light effects that they are in the film. The warning is white text on a black background but no speech.)

New Colleague: “What’s that for?”

Me: “To warn people the film contains strobe lighting in case they need to leave.”

New Colleague: “Why would they need to leave?”

Me: “Well, strobe lighting can cause seizures in people with epilepsy, for example, so they put a warning on it.”

New Colleague: “Oh, okay.”


New Colleague: “There’s no sound on it.”

Me: “No.”

New Colleague: “What about the blind epileptics?”


Should Read The Labels With A Sniper’s Vision

| USA | Bosses & Owners, Movies & TV

(I work at a pharmacy and convenience store that also handles movie rentals. We cater to an older demographic, which is far more likely to rent movies than stream them. For whatever reason, people have been asking for the movie ‘American Sniper’ since January. It is finally set to release in May, so there is a spot for it on the wall, and many customers have come to my counter demanding to know if any copies have been returned and are available to rent.)

Customer: “I’d like American Sniper, please.”

Me: “Sorry, that isn’t out just yet.”

Customer: *immediately takes a snobby tone* “Yes, it is! There’s a SPOT for it!”

Me: “I know. Every movie tag has the release date on it so people can see when it actually comes out.”

Customer: “I know it’s out! I’ll show you!”

(The customer then proceeds to storm back toward the movies and hover over the section where the American Sniper tag would be. I watch him read the actual release date, which is May 19th. Note, this is May 3rd. The customer turns and stomps out without another word. Later on, one of the managers is browsing the movies and brings up a few jackets to rent.)

Manager: “Hey, did anyone return American Sniper?”

Me: “Really?!”

Manager: *is startled and looks over at the paper displaying all the titles being released by date* “OH, MY GOD, I was just one of THOSE customers, wasn’t I?”

Me: *laughing* “Yes, you definitely were. This is why we read ALL the helpful words. Though, I guess we can’t expect the customers to when even the managers don’t!”

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