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Management Is Not Their Calling

| England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Movies & TV

(In one screen, due to the special effects used, there always needs to be a staff member present and if different films are showing, it has to be changed over manually by a manager.)

Me: *frantically running out of the screen*

Supervisor: “[My Name]? What are you doing?! Get back in the screen!”

Me: “It’s playing the wrong film!”

Supervisor: “What?”

Me: “It’s supposed to be [Film A – a 12A/PG-13 rated film] but it’s showing [Film B – a 15/R-rated film] and I’ve radioed for a manager four times and they’re not responding! There are kids in the screen!”

Supervisor: “Oh, god!” *into their radio* “Manager receiving!”

(They call through three more times in two minutes but there’s still no response.)

Supervisor: *turns to me* “I’m going to projection. You get back in there and answer any questions. Let me know when the right film is showing.”

(Eventually we got it sorted and though a few people were annoyed, they calmed down when the right film started. The supervisor came to speak to me once the film cleared out.)

Supervisor: “So I went to the office to see what was going on with the managers.”

Me: “Were they in a meeting?”

Supervisor: “No. [Manager #1], [ Manager #2], and [Manager #3] were all sitting there with their radios turned off.”

Me: “Are you kidding me?”

Supervisor: “So I told them how the wrong film was cued up and that I’d just changed it but there may be customers wanting to complain afterwards. And do you know what they said?”

Me: “What?”

Supervisor: “They asked why we didn’t call them.”

A Whole New World Of Budget Animation

| San Bruno, CA, USA | Coworkers, Movies & TV

(My coworker is listening to the Aladdin soundtrack while shelving shoes.)

Me: “Did you ever see the sequel?”

Coworker: “We don’t talk about the sequel.”

Me: “Aw, it wasn’t that bad. It just had a budget more like the TV series, so it was more like a TV episode than a movie.”

Coworker: “We also don’t talk about the TV series.”

Me: “Hey, at least it was better than the Little Mermaid TV series.”

Coworker: “We don’t talk about that either!”

Being A Good Sport About It

| USA | Movies & TV, Sports

(I launch a chat window to cancel a package that came free with the entertainment service when I signed up, but will automatically renew with a charge in a month.)

Carrier: “Hello! Thanks for choosing [Provider] chat.”

Me: “I need to cancel the NFL Sports package.”

Carrier: “I see that you’re inquiring about canceling your NFL Sunday Ticket. I can help you with that.”

Me: “Excellent.”

Carrier: “By the way, while I am pulling up the account, if I may ask, are you not a sports fan?”

Me: “Nope. Not a sports fan.”

Carrier: “By the way, before I set up the account for non auto renewal for NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket Max is the only place to get the maximum live football experience every Sunday. With NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you’ll have access to premium features such as Red Zone Channel and Fantasy Zone Channel. By keeping NFL Sunday Ticket Max on your account, you’ll be prepared to watch your favorite team each week, and you won’t have to worry about doing anything else.”

Me: “You might recall that part where I said I wasn’t a sports fan. I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl yesterday. I don’t have a favorite sports team. All sports teams can take a flying leap off a cliff for all I care. The worst possible experience in my view would be a live football experience, Sunday or any other day.”

Carrier: “Haha. All righty! Let me go ahead and cancel this.”

A Bad Waiter Means Hunger Games

| MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Movies & TV, Sports

(I’m with a small group of friends at a family-friendly neighborhood chain restaurant on a Sunday during football season. Each TV in the bar area is labeled with and playing a different game. We request to be seated near the TV playing the game that we want to watch and the hostess obliges. However, as soon as we are seated a waitress changes the channel to a different game, the local game that is already displayed on the big screen. The hostess talks to the bartender and the other tables and is luckily able to change the TV at our table to the game that we want to watch because none of the patrons are watching the labeled game. We think it’s no big deal, until…)

Angry Male Waiter: *yelling as he leaves the kitchen* “Hey! Who turned off my game!”


Angry Male Waiter: “I need to watch that game! Why did they change it?!”


Angry Male Waiter: *loudly, to the bartender and manager* “Who likes [Our Team] anyway?! Why’d we have to turn off my game for them?!”


Angry Male Waiter: “They’d better be leaving soon! I need to know the score! That’s my team!”

(The waiter was so loud and obnoxious that he made us so uncomfortable that we left for fear of him doing something to our food. Obviously the manager didn’t care because he was standing by the bar listening to him complain. We ended up taking a corporate survey and leaving negative feedback, but since he wasn’t our waiter it was difficult. Seriously, it sucks that we turned off “your” game, but you’re supposed to be doing a job, not watching TV.)

Not Entitled To That Third Dimension

| Wales, UK | Bad Behavior, Movies & TV

(I take my younger brother and sister to the cinema, booking my tickets online before going. When we get there we find three teenage girls in our seats, who refuse to move, so we get a member of staff.)

Usher: “This lady has booked these seats. Please move to your own allocated seats.”

Girl #1: “Well, there’s been a mistake. WE booked these seats online before she did.”

Usher: “Show me your tickets.”

(They show the usher their tickets, showing that they did indeed have the same seats… in a different screen room.)

Usher: “These are the tickets for the 3D version. This screen is showing it in 2D.”

Girl #2: “Well, someone should have told us where to go.”

Usher: “It says clearly on the ticket ‘screen five’ and the member of staff that checked your ticket will have told you ‘screen five.’”

Girl #1: “We paid for this film and these seats. We’re not moving.”

Usher: “You paid extra to see the 3D version.”

Girl #1: “Yes, we paid extra, so we should get these seats.”

Usher: “Fine, you may keep those seats.”

(The girls smiled at us victoriously. The usher directed us to screen five where we got to take their seats in the 3D film.)

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