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For All Intelligence Be For Not

| Minnesota, USA | Employees, Time

(My desk overlooks a private employee gathering area for a large entertainment facility. The employees will punch in/out and check their schedules in this room. They usually ask me or my office co-workers simple questions like the date or time. This question, however, was a little unusual.)

Employee: “Hey, what day is New Year’s Day?”

Me: “It’s this Sunday.”

Employee: “No, I mean like the date!”

Backdate To The Future

| USA | Employees, Money, Time, Top

(I have just checked my credit report for the first time, and notice a store credit card I had never opened. I call the credit company to report this.)

Me: “My report lists a delinquent account on a [store] credit card. I’ve never had a card with that store.”

CSR: “It says here the account was opened in 1974.”

Me: “Well, that must be a mistake. I wasn’t born until 1978.”

CSR: “Could you have opened the account and then forgotten about it?”

Me: “…I’m going to need to speak to someone else.”