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The setup: I work with a woman I colloquially call Shoe Lady. She works in the shoes department. I work in markdowns. We’re both leads of our respective departments, which means nothing other than us being the most knowledgeable employees in our department. No pay raise, no authority over anything, just that we get first dibs on the good shifts because the managers can rely on us. Even so, I’m young enough to be her daughter, and she hates that I’m considered “equal” to her. She takes every chance she gets to try and catch me being “wrong”… and every time she fails. On this one particular morning, she was assisting with markdowns.

Shoe Lady: (approaching my coworker and I who have already finished marking down a department) Did you make sure to do the back wall of home goods?

Me: Yes, we finished it.

Shoe Lady: The whole wall?

Me: Yes.

Shoe Lady: Even the wall art and the mirrors?

Me: Yes, I did the wall art. The mirrors are part of domestics, we’re not doing domestics markdowns today.

Shoe Lady: … so did you do the back wall or not?

Me: … yes. The back wall is done.

Shoe Lady: But you didn’t do the mirrors.

Me: No.

Shoe Lady: (throwing her hands up in exasperation) Okay, so you DIDN’T do the back wall then, great.

Me: Aren’t mirrors part of domestics?

Shoe Lady: Yes.

Me: Alright. We’re not scanning them. We’re not doing domestics today. The rest of the wall is done.

Shoe Lady: You should have scanned the whole wall, you need to scan the whole wall before you move on.

She storms off to go scan the mirrors that I bluntly said aren’t getting scanned. About thirty five minutes later (far too long to have spent scanning the five or so wall mirrors we have in stock) she finally shows her face again.

Shoe Lady: (irritated) None of those mirrors would scan.

Me: Is that so.

Shoe Lady: It kept trying to tell me “department not in current file.”

Me: Imagine that.

I had a little chat with the manager about her after that, which culminated in her getting a verbal slap in the face for wasting time. I wish I could say this was an isolated incident…

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In my country you cannot deny someone a glass of water (though sometimes they try and charge you for the glass it comes in)

Me: (seeing cups behind the counter) Can I have a cup of water?

Guy: [university] recognizes the right for everyone to have water. There’s a water fountain over there

Me: Oh but that’s only for water bottles and I forgot mine today.

Guy: (exaggerated shrug as if to say: What can I do?)

Me: ( stunned ) I guess I’ll just find another one then

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I answer the phone and it’s a call operator offering me the deal of a lifetime at a resort in Orlando. I’ve received a couple of calls similar to this one but this one is different. The first one I interrupt before they can start their pitch and tell them that I’m not interested and ask to be taken off their list, the second one I interrupt and tell them I’m broke, unemployed, and ask to be taken off their list. This call I tried to interrupt them in the first few seconds and the operator lets off a little screech like sound and then talks over me, after she did this twice I just put the phone on mute until she asked me a question and then I screeched at her. She repeated the question three more times with me screeching longer every time. Finally she threatened to end the call if I didn’t stop “being, like, really immature” so I screeched for about ten seconds straight until I heard an “Oh my God!” and then a click.

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I work the fitting room at a big box store. Part of my duties include answering incoming phone calls to the store. One evening, we get a moderate amount of snow, but nothing terrible. I step away from the fitting room to fold some nearby clothes. The phone rings, and a newer employee gets to it before I do.

Coworker: Thank you for calling (store). How may I direct your call?

Caller says something that I am unable to hear.

Coworker, to me: He says he works overnight, and wants to know if he still needs to come in?

Me: If he’s able to.

Coworker, to caller: If you’re able to.

Me: We don’t close for the weather.

Coworker, to caller: We don’t close for the weather.

Coworker then holds the phone out. I can hear the caller talking, but I can’t hear what he’s saying.

Coworker, to me: What do I do now?

Me: Have him talk to a manager.

She transfers him to a manager. She hangs up and says to me:

He was rude.

The next day, I was telling this to a supervisor. She told me that he called from inside the store, and handed in his two weeks notice that night.

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(Coworker has been with us for 5 years now. He is great worker, but is rarely social, and says very little. We’ve recently had a ping pong table added to the break room, that all the employees use. One day as a supervisor and another coworker were playing this occurs.)

Coworker: “You know *other coworker* just because *supervisor* is a boss doesn’t mean you should let him win.”

(Everyone cracks up with laughter)

Supervisor: “You don’t say anything for 5 years and this is how you start?”

(Supervisor lost that game)