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(I work for an ENT doctor. I’m refilling our jar of CSF powder, an antifungal powder we puff into patients’ ears. It can be a messy job so I’m working carefully. My coworker, a sweet, polite grandmother, sees me hunched over the powder.)

Coworker: “You gonna snort that?”

(I did end up snort-laughing and spraying powder on my desk!)

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We live next to a busy road, so since we have dogs, we have a fenced yard. One has to go into it to get to the house, so when we order pizza, we tell them to have the driver honk and we’ll come out, since there’s dogs in the yard, as when they come in, they invariably leave the gate open, and then the dogs get out. Never had an issue with the driver staying put, except this one time…

We’re listening for a honk in the driveway when the doorbell rings, the dogs start barking, and all run outside through the dog door. We answer the door, and sure enough, it’s the pizza. And she’s left the gate open.

I dash outside to close it before the dogs get out and get hit by a car, while my husband pays. I figure they must not have passed on the message, but as I come back to the house, she’s saying, “Oh, they’re cute! When they said you had dogs, I figured they must be Rottweilers or something, ha ha!”

Me: “NO; they’re friendly; but people leave the gate open and then they get out and get run over!”

Pizza Girl: “Oh, I didn’t think of that.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Seriously, who the hell gets delivery instructions to stay out of the yard because of the dogs, figures they’re Rottweilers or something, ignores the instructions, and <i>comes in anyways?!</i> And then leaves the previously-closed gate (which can be bumped shut with a hip from inside) open behind them?! Would have served her right if they <i>were</i> dangerous; as it was, she was being a danger to <i>them</i>.

Needless to say, we didn’t tip.

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I’m going back to the stock room to retrieve a customer’s order. The only person back there is the assistant manager working on getting stock from our last truck open and on carts to be placed. I am not a small person, and I’m not in any way trying to be stealthy.

Me: Sorry, [Manager], just going to sneak around behind you!

Manager: *She jumps about a foot in the air before she realizes it’s just me* Holy shit, [my name], I didn’t know you were there!

Me: Good thing you didn’t have a box-cutter in your hand!

Manager: You make no noise when you walk! I can usually tell if someone’s back here, but I never know you’re there!

We laugh about it while I’m taking the order back out onto the floor. Later, she comes out with a cart with stock for us to place.

Manager: [to the manager on duty] I’m going to tie a bell around [my name’s] neck one of these days.

Me: You have a point, I just accidentally scared a couple customers over in housewares.

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I sit beside a coworker who is extremely annoying and a little volatile. He’s only a couple feet away so we can talk normally, but can’t see each other due to cubicle walls. On this day, I am on the phone, putting together a fairly lengthy sales order.

Me: *Talking to customer.*

Coworker: Hey, [My Name].

Me: *Still talking to customer.*

Coworker: [My Name]!

Me: *Talks to customer louder, hoping this guy will take the hint*

Coworker: *almost screaming now* [MY NAME]!!

Me: *finally snaps* I’M ON THE PHONE!

Coworker: Oh.

Turns out, he wanted to know if I’d seen the Assassin’s Creed movie.

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I am a seasonal employee at a jewelry store. After a miscommunication about days I can work (leaving for both myself and my boss a little huffy) she says she’ll text me the next schedule.

I text her three times, and provide her my email but I don’t hear from her for two weeks

I subsequently start applying for new jobs as I believe they don’t want me anymore and are too embarrassed to tell me over the phone. I am too embarrassed to go into the store.

After two weeks I still haven’t heard back from my jewelry store job or any other job I’ve applied for.

My contract ends on the 24th and three days before the 24th I get a phone call asking me to work….on the 24th. Way to get the most out of your workers.