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I’m at a coffee shop I know quite well. My brother is also with me and has gone to the toilet. I’m checking my phone when a waitress approaches me. Up to this point there has been no issues and the atmosphere in the shop is quite jovial.

Waitress: Excuse me. Some of the other customers feel uncomfortable with…your kind being here. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Me: What exactly do you mean by that?

Waitress: You and your…boyfriend.

Me: I see…which customers exactly?

Waitress: I can’t reveal that. Like I said, you have to leave.

At this point the manager has noticed me and I wave him down.

Manager: What’s the problem?

Waitress: Oh, I was just tell this gentleman that he has to leave.

Manager: *startled* What? Why?

Waitress: He’s a [whispers homophobic slur], and he’s making everyone uncomfortable.

Manager: *to me* I’m so sorry about this, [my name]. She’s new and hasn’t had the opportunity to meet everyone yet. *to the waitress* This is [my name], the owner of [coffee shop].

The waitress goes red as quickly as turning on a light and flees the shop; no word of apology or attempt to gather her belongings. I make small talk with the manager and instruct him to fire the waitress if she dares return. The rest of the customers have been mumbling about the incident when my brother returns.

Brother: What’s up?

Me: Apparently we’re a gay couple.

Brother: … I think I could do a lot better than you.

We then leave my shop and head home.

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My friend is a vice president of a bank. This is back when they still used signature cards. He is trying to get me a summer job there.

Friend: (to bank president) You know, we really should get someone to organize the signature cards.

Bank president: Okay, I’ll hire my son!

Friend (to me at the end of the summer) We never did get those signature cards straightened out.

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I walk into a store 10 minutes before closing and go to the counter 3 minutes before. I find I don’t have enough money and the only cashier says it’s OK, I can go to an ATM and come back and just knock at the locked door. I get back 2 minutes after closing and knock. It’s opened and get told by the same cashier that they are closed and to come back tomorrow. He refused to acknowledge what he told me just earlier.

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(I’m calling a popular fabric store to see if they have a product I need.)

Me: Hi do you have rectangular foam?

Employee: Nope, sorry hun all we have is square foam.

*Employee hangs up*

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I’m sitting at the front desk where I work, welcoming a visitor. We say hello to each other and then she says this…

Woman: The wind is blowing!

Me: *breaking into song* The snow is snowing! The wind is blowing! But I can weather the storm. What do I care, if icicles form? I’ve got my cats to keep me warm. (The lyric is supposed to be “I’ve got my love to keep me warm.”)

Woman: Oh! Lovely! *smiles and walks away, oblivious of my change-of-lyric*

Me: *sigh*

(Yes…I’m single. And on my way to becoming the neighborhood crazy cat lady apparently.)