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(My fiance is twenty years older than me, and we both have red hair. That’s where the similarities stop. I am only five foot tall, he is six-foot-three. We don’t even have the same color eyes. We have gone to a bridal boutique so I can finally pick out a wedding dress. We have my two children from my previous marriage, my mother, his son, and our twins, who are only eighteen months old.)

Me: (kissing him before I head back). Now you two be good for Daddy so mommy can pick out a pretty dress.

Fiance: Take your time. We’ll have fun.

Employee #1: (who knows he is my fiance) Let’s go! I am DYING to get you to try on this one dress. It’s sort of funky, but perfect!

(My entourage follows, everyone is excited. I try on six dresses, and finally choose one that makes me cry. I am openly weeping with joy, as I have never felt beautiful before. I also did not wear a wedding dress when I was previously married.)

Employee #2: (She has been helping out and been sort of strange, asking my step-son if he is excited about getting married.) Are you ok? What’s wrong? Is it the price?

Me: No, I just can’t believe how nice I look. Mom, what do you think?

Mom: It’s gorgeous! You look good.

Me: (fanning self and crying pretty hard) I can’t wait for him to see it! I just wish my Daddy were here! (My father and I were never close, and he passed away over a decade ago.)

(Employee #2 bolts out of the room and leaves my family and Employee #1 behind and dazed. She returns with my fiance in tow, who is arguing that I did not ask for him to come back here to see ANYTHING.)

Employee #2: (proudly) Here he is! And look how pretty your daughter looks!

Me: What the h*** is wrong with you?! That’s my FIANCE!!!

Employee#2: But you called him daddy?

Employee #1: You twit! That’s because he’s the father of the two kids he’s holding!

Employee #2: (throws nearby dress and stool at me) YOU’RE GROSS! He’s old and GROSS! You’re all DISGUSTING!

(Everyone is speechless, but I end up getting a MAJOR discount because of her outburst!)


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(My sister and I are identical twins both working in our family’s restaurant. I’m a hostess and she’s a waitress. The following scene happens a lot.)

Customer: “Hello, table for four please.”

Me: “Right this way.”

(I take them to their table, which is still in view of my hostess desk.)

Me: “(sister’s name) will be your server this evening, enjoy your meal.”

(I go back to my desk, not a minute later I hear this:)

Sister: “Hello, my name is (sister’s name) and I will be your server this evening.”

(I look up to see the customers staring at her, confused.)

Customer: “Weren’t you-”

(The customers look back at me before realizing. They start to laugh. My sister and I would be lying if we said that we don’t enjoy the confused faces of our customers.)


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(I go into a local royal fast food chain near my house. The walls look all weird. One is blue, one is green, one is yellow and one is a disgusting shade of beige. I go to the till.)

Me: “Hey, what exactly is going on? I mean, the walls and everything.”

Cashier #1: “Ribbet.”

Me: “Can I talk to someone else?”

Cashier #2: “Sorry, he’s not feeling well. Can I help?”

Me: “Why are the walls painted different colors? I mean, it’s a little disconcerting.”

Cashier #2: “New manager. Got another one. They all painted the walls when they got bored.”

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(I am using the laundry room at my university accommodation. To use a washing machine, we have to insert $3 in $1 and $2 coins. I notice the first coin doesn’t go in properly and unsuccessfully try to push it in with the second coin. I only have enough coins for one wash so I really want it to work. Another student offers to get an RA (residential assistant) but never returns. Several minutes later I go to find an employee.)

Me: “I put money into a washing machine and it didn’t work. I think the coin slot is jammed.”

Employee: “What number washing machine was it?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Employee: “Sorry, but I need to know.”

(I returned to the laundry room to check and then told her.)

Employee: “Oh yeah, we’ve had problems with that one. A student reported it a while ago but I didn’t have time to put a sign up. I’ll let maintenance know and make a note that your money is in it plus the other student’s money. What’s your room number?”

(I told her and then waited while she taped an “out of order” sign to the machine, something that would have been very helpful several minutes earlier. I went shopping to get some change and eventually did my laundry. A few weeks later, I received an envelope with two coins. There was no note and nothing on it except my address. I asked everyone in my family if they had sent it before remembering.)

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(This exchange happens as I’m leaving after a long shift, and turning the kitchen over to the owner and another coworker.)

Me: “Alright, I’m finally leaving. See you tomorrow, [Coworker], [Owner]. Oh, yeah, [Owner], don’t forget that pasta ball in the fridge!”

Owner: “What would be the proper attire for a Pasta Ball, anyway?”

Me: *pause* A bow tie.” *waggles eyebrows like Groucho Marx*

Owner: *snort*

Coworker: “Go home, [My Name]. That was terrible.”