Don’t Get Short With Me

| South Tampa, FL, USA | Coworkers, Criminal/Illegal, Money

(I’m a grocery store cashier. In recent shifts, I’ve been having issues with cash shortages in my till. The assistant customer service manager (ACSM) has just told me that he needs to talk to me.)

ACSM: “So, [my name], your till was $20 short.”

Me: “Seriously? I double-counted. Came up accurate both times.”

ACSM: “Yeah, you’re short again. I need you to sign the cash shortage form.”

(As I sign the form, I realize something unusual.)

Me: “You know how these are signed twice?”

ACSM: “Yeah.”

Me: “Every cash shortage form I’ve had has been signed by [brand new supervisor] and you.”

ACSM: “Oh, really?”

Me: “Yeah! I think that’s a weird coincidence. This only happens when you and [brand new supervisor] are on duty.”

ACSM: “Hmm. That’s interesting. Well, you’re done here. You can go back to your register…”

(I never had another cash shortage issue after that. However, a few weeks later on a busy Friday afternoon, the ACSM was escorted out of the door in handcuffs. Turns out, he’d been taking varying amounts ($5-$100) of money out of several registers including mine. He was caught when he pilfered $2,000 from the Lottery register the night before. Unfortunately for him, TWO supervisors were counting the money that night! A few months later, we learned that he’d been re-arrested for pulling similar thefts at his previous location!)

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