Dozen’t Know When To Stop

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(I work in a law firm for an attorney. There is another attorney who shares the same unit, but has his own practice. The other attorney also has a ruthless sweet tooth. Since it’s nearing the holiday party, I will hide anything sweet when I bring it into the office.)

Attorney: “Are those donuts?”

(He’s somehow spotted the donuts in their nondescript packaging in an obscure corner of my desk buried under files.)

Me: “Yes.”

Attorney: “…Uh, can I have one?”

Me: “Sure.”

(Five minutes later, he comes back to my desk.)

Attorney: “So, do you have any donuts left?”

Me: “Yes.”

Attorney: “…Uhh, can I have one?”

(Two hours later, he returns again.)

Attorney: “So, any donuts left?”

Me: “Yes.”

Attorney: “…Can I have one?”

Me: *sighs* “Just take the rest.”

Attorney: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes. It’s fine.”

(He starts to walk off with the donuts, but stops and looks back at me.)

Attorney: “I work out!”

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