Full Of Hot Air

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(For a few days, I have been receiving text messages mistakenly informing me that my phone line has not been connected because I missed a visit by an engineer.)

Employee: “I understand your problem, sir, but I will have to transfer you through to another department and inform them of your situation. Are you alright to hold?”

Me: “Yes, that’s fine.”

Employee: “Okay, I am putting you on hold now.”

Me: “No problem.”

(At this point I expect some sort of hold music. However, the same employee remains on the line.)

Employee: “…So how’s the weather?”

Me: “Pardon, sorry?”

Employee: “The weather… how’s the weather where you are?”

Me: “Um… it’s fine. A bit cloudy but nothing too bad. Erm… how’s the weather where you are?”

Employee: “I am in India, sir. We don’t have weather here.”

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