In Need Of A Winning Attitude

| Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Bad Behavior, Employees, Money, Theme Of The Month

(I’ve purchased a lottery ticket a few days before and, since the drawing has run, I go into [convenience store] to check my ticket against the winning numbers. Much to my surprise, I’ve won $10. I therefore go up to the clerk to cash in my ticket.)

Me: “Hi, could you check my ticket, please?”

Clerk: *condescendingly* “These never win.”

Me: “Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?  You never know, though!”

Clerk: *sing-song voice* “You’re not gonna wi-in…”

Me: “Could you just check it, please?”

Clerk: “Well, all right, but don’t come crying to me if… oh, wow! You won $10!”

Me: “See? Sometimes they do win!”

Clerk: *incredulously* “These never win!”

(He was still repeating that as I left the store!)

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