It’s A Sticking Point

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(I’m incredibly allergic to the adhesives used in medical tapes and stickies. I’ve just had a test where they monitor my heart with a portable ECG for 24 hours. They place sticky tabs all over my chest to attach wires. I had a really bad reaction to them. I’m at my cardiologist getting the results and talking about buying my own monitor.)

Me: “Will it need me to use more stickies?”

Cardiologist: “No, some of them let you just put your finger on them.”

Me: “Good because my skin got really burnt from the last ones.”

Cardiologist: “You need to tell them you are allergic.”

Me: “Why? They can’t do anything.”

Cardiologist: “They can use different stickies.”

Me: “Yeah, but I’m allergic to the adhesive not the sticky…”

Cardiologist: “Yep… No point telling them.”

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