Penny Unwise And Pound Foolish

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(It’s shortly after a large chain started offering “1/3 Pound” burgers. I overhear the following conversation while I waited for my order to be ready.)

Customer: “What’s the difference between the 1/3 Pounder and the 1/4 Pounder?”

Cashier: “Well, it’s a 1/3 Pounder, so it’s smaller than the 1/4 Pounder.”

Customer: “Why would anyone want that?”

Cashier: “It’s probably for people who don’t want as much food. People watching their weight or something.”

Customer: “So, why does the 1/3 Pounder cost more than the 1/4 Pounder?”

Cashier: “I…think it’s made from higher quality meat?”

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