Receipting You Loud And Clear


(Note: the owners of the bakery where I work tend to drop-in unannounced to nitpick the employees.)

Owner: “You always give them a receipt.”

My Boss: “They don’t want their receipts. They’ve told us that. When we do hand them a receipt, they just drop it on the floor on their way out, and we have to take the time to go clean them up.”

Owner: “I don’t care. They must always be given a receipt. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

(When the next customer comes through the line, the owner rings him up. She tries to give it back to the owner.)

Customer: “I don’t need my receipt. Thanks.”

Owner: “No, you have to take it!”

Customer: *crumples receipt into a ball, throws it on the floor, and walks out of store*

Owner: *turns red*

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