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Me: “I would like to dispute this $15 charge on my bill.”

Cable Rep: “Okay, I see we shipped you a box for $9.99.”

Me: “Yes, but there is another $15.”

Cable Rep: “Yes, that is for the shipping.”

Me: “Isn’t that the $9.99?”

Cable Rep: “Yes, that is for shipping.”

Me: “Then what is the $15 for?”

Cable Rep: “That’s for shipping.”

Me: “Why would you charge me $9.99 for shipping and then another $15 for shipping?”

Cable Rep: “That was for returning the old box.”

Me: “There were no labels in the box or anything to indicate it was for return, only the new box. I took the old one back to one of your offices.”

Cable Rep: “Look, I’m just trying to explain your charge. That was for shipping.”

Me: “Shipping what?”

Cable Rep: “The box.”

Me: “My old box or my new box?”

Cable Rep: “Look ma’am, I’m just trying to explain your bill since that was what you asked for.”

Me: “I physically returned the old box because there was no shipping label or anything else in the box you sent me.”

Cable Rep: “It was for shipping.”

Me: “Could I please speak with someone else?”

Cable Rep: “I assure you ma’am, I can help you.”

Me: “No, I assure you, you cannot…”

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