Shady Dealings Will Pay A High Price

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(I am in an appliance store in Israel. I am a 19-year-old American girl, and the two salesmen are older Russian men. We are all speaking to each other in heavily accented Hebrew, so it is extremely clear that I am an American and they are Russian. I happen to know some Russian as well, but you wouldn’t think so because I seem completely American.)

Me: “How much is this fan?”

Salesman #1: *in Russian* “Should we charge her [normal price]?”

Salesman #2: *in Russian* “No, no. Let’s charge her [very high price].”

(Salesman #1 is now glancing at me unsurely. I continue to smile somewhat expectantly, as if I’m cluelessly still waiting for their final answer.)

Salesman #1: *in Russian* “Umm, what if she understands us?”

Salesman #2: *in Russian* “Nah, she’s just some dumb American girl! We’ll give her [high price]. She doesn’t understand us.”

Me: *in Russian* “I understand.”

(Both salesman looked they were going to melt into the floor. They ended up selling me the fan at a nice cheap price!)

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