Some Employees Just Don’t Add Up

| Employees, Math & Science, Money

(I have a birthday voucher that gives me 10% off my purchase. I am buying 2 items.)

Employee: “Okay, your total comes to [total].”

Me: “That’s with the 10% off?”

Employee: “Yes, I gave you 5% of each item.”

Me: “That’s not the same thing.”

Employee: “Yes, it is. You get 10% off your whole purchase.”

Me: “Right, but you gave me 5% off.”

Employee: “I think we’re both saying the same thing…”

(My friend and I had to prove to her, using a calculator, that 10% off both items and 5% off each were not the same!)

Some Things Just Don’t Add Up, Part 6 (Not Always Right)

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