Some Things Can Weight To Be Said, Part 4

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(It’s a slow day, so my boss, coworker, and myself are talking behind the counter. My coworker and I are both fairly large chested with wider hips, so both of us have some pretty magnificent curves. She stands just a few cm shorter than me, and I’m 167 cm. She and I are in the younger half of 20’s, at university, and my boss is in her 50’s and resembles an ironing board.)

Coworker: “I absolutely hate shopping for clothes, I really don’t want to go. Nothing fits right.”

Me: “I run into the same problem. Jeans fit right in some places, not in others, and shirts I just can’t do.”

Coworker: “I know, right? You have to size in the chest or you look trashy.”

Me: “Haha, I know eh? I need some new jeans myself, come to think of it.”

Boss: “Oh, I know what you mean! I can never find jeans in my size! It’s like, come on, people, you can’t all be my size.”

Me: “Yeah, since I’m a pretty average, I really can’t find anything myself.”

Boss: “Well, what size are you?”

Me: “US8.”

Boss: “You’re THAT FAT?!”

Me: “What the h*** size are you, then?”

Boss: “4, what a woman should be!”

Me: *trying to turn it into a joke* “Yeah, those good ‘ol Irish Catholic hips certainly make me fat.”

Boss: “Both of you really should diet. Hips are no excuse!”

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