The Customer Service Is Soda-pressing, Part 2

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(I work from home for an IT company and typically work PST times as that’s where the bulk of my stakeholders are. I live in the EST time zone and as it’s close to Christmas, I decide to take some time in the morning to do errands before the west coast folks are online. It’s about 11:00 am EST and I’m starving so I head into a well-known fast food joint, since it’s on my errand route.)

Me: “Hi, can I please have [Breakfast Wrap] and a small [Diet Soda]?”

Cashier: “A small what?”

Me: “[Diet Soda], please.”

Cashier: “Okay, that’s [total].”

Worker #2: “[Cashier], what are you doing? Why are you pouring a soft drink? It’s not even noon yet!” *laughs*

Cashier: “Right? Who in their right mind orders a soft drink in the morning? That’s just weird, right?” *turns to see me still standing there and sputters* “Well, here you are!”

(I was embarrassed beyond belief but held my tongue. I wasn’t about to ruin a 15- to 16-year-old’s day by calling her out but I spent the rest of the day thinking of a million retorts.)

The Customer Service Is Soda-pressing


Giving You The Onion Ringaround

, | Yorkshire, England, UK | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I’m on a break from work, so go to a fast food place to get a snack. I order eight onion rings, take the bag, go to find a seat, only to open it and find they’ve given me five chicken nuggets instead. Note that I’m a vegetarian, so it’s not as if I can just eat them anyway.)

Me: “I’m really sorry to bother you, but I ordered eight onion rings from you, and you’ve given me chicken nuggets instead.”

Cashier: “Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I’ll get it sorted right away!”

(She hands me another bag, and even though I doubt they’d get it wrong again, I open it to check before going back to my seat.)

Me: “Uh, excuse me… but these are still chicken nuggets. You’ve just given me eight instead of five. I ordered EIGHT ONION RINGS.”

Cashier: “Oh, wow, I’m honestly so sorry! I don’t know how this happened; I’ll sort it out for you now!”

(She hands me another bag, with five onion rings. By this point I’m so happy to not have chicken nuggets again that I don’t bother going back to complain for the third time. At least they were polite about it!)


Very Fry-tened

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(I’m at a drive-thru on the way to work, and there is a young lady who is taking the orders, accepting payment, and handing over the food.)

Me: “Yes, can I have the two-piece chicken?”

Lady: “You want the drink and fries combo?”

Me: “No, just the chicken.”

Lady: “Okaaaay… anything else?”

Me: “Yes, and also the chocolate pie.”

Lady: “Ok, pie.” *pause* “You want the drink and fries with your chicken?”

Me: “No, thank you. That’s it.”

Lady: “Okaaaay…”

(I pull up and she takes my payment, giving me a weird look.)

Lady: “And here’s your chicken.” *hands it over* “And your pie…”

Me: “Okay, thanks.”

Lady: “No drink… No fries…” *stares*

Me: “Excellent!”

(She gave me some napkins tentatively, like she’d expect I’d bite. When I drove off, I saw her in my rearview mirror, looking very shocked! I don’t know if she was scared that I’d yell at her, “Where’s my fries and drink?!” or that she’d never seen someone refuse fries and drink!)


A Bag Day To Quit Bagging

| Germany | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid

Me: “Hi. I’ll take [Burger] with a large diet [Soda].”

Employee: “Sure. Will this be a takeaway?”

Me: “Yep.” *being really eco-minded and knowing they pack everything several times in this particular chain* “But I don’t need a bag for the burger.”

Employee: *looks at me dumbfounded for about 20 seconds, then grabs a bag*

Me: “Excuse me. Thank you, but I really don’t need a bag.”

Employee: *looks dumbfounded again for quite some time, then bags the burger nevertheless* “Here you go.”

(I walk out and go sit in the car. A friend who was ordering at the register next to me comes out shortly afterwards.)

Friend: “Did you really just cause a guy to bluescreen because you didn’t want a bag?”


Lettuce Start Again

, | AB, Canada | Coworkers, Food & Drink, Health & Body

(I’m working in the kitchen with a partner.)

Cashier: “Hey, [My Name] and [Coworker], that sandwich on your screen with no onions is for a customer with allergies. Make sure you wash your hands before making it.”

Me: “All right, thanks.”

(We both wash our hands. When we come back and start making the burger, a thought occurs to me.)

Me: “Wait, [Coworker], didn’t you accidentally spill onions into the lettuce while restocking the table a few minutes ago?”

Coworker: “Yeah?”

Me: “Crap. Okay, hold on, I’ll open a new bag of lettuce just to be safe.”

Coworker: *pauses, then tosses some of the old, onion-filled lettuce on the sandwich* “Eh, it’ll be fine.”

Me: *stunned*

(Before he can pass the burger to the front, I grab it off the table and wordlessly throw it in the trash, before remaking it with fresh lettuce. I hear my coworker grumbling.)

Me: “You realize we could have very well sent that person to the hospital if we let them eat that, right?”

Coworker: “I figured they were lying!”

Me: “And you felt safe taking that risk?”

Coworker: *shuts up*