Thankfully Not On Your ‘High’ Horse

, | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body

(I decide to get lunch at Popular Fast Food Restaurant. I walk in and stand waiting to order for five minutes, with no one at the counter. I have brightly dyed hair.)

Cashier: *speed walks from outside to behind counter* “I’m so sorry, miss. I didn’t see you there!”

Me: “It’s okay.” *places order*

Cashier: “I like your hair, I’ve always wanted to do mine red, white, and blue because that would be f***ing awesome, but they won’t let us do it here.”

Me: “Yeah, I work for [Locally-Owned Pizza Shop] and technically we aren’t supposed to have dyed hair, but they don’t really care as long as it goes under your hat.”

Cashier: “Well, technically we aren’t supposed to smoke marijuana, but I’m still high right now.”

(Moment of silence, he gets an ‘oh s**t’ look on his face.)

Me: “Me too, man. Me too.”

(He let out a sigh of relief and gave me a high five and a free milkshake.)

Customer, Interrupted

| Winnipeg, MT, Canada | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I am at a popular burger chain. The lineup to give orders is fairly long, and while I am waiting I keep rehearsing my order in my head so that I can rattle it off fairly quickly.)

Employee: “What would you like?”

Me: “I’d like a [Burger] with—”

Employee: *interrupting* “Would you like fries with that?”

Me: “Yes, please. I’d like—”

Employee: “What size?”

Me: “Large, and—”

Employee: “What would you like to drink?”

Me: “Just water, please, and—”

Employee: “Is that for here or to go?”

Me: *sigh* “To go.”

Another Way They Make You Cry, Part 2

| Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink, Health & Body

(I am allergic to red onion and if I come into contact with it at all start having typical allergy symptoms (runny eyes and nose, itchy throat, etc.) but after a few hours I actually have trouble breathing. I am always careful to check ingredients before ordering and whilst cross-contamination can sometimes occur, it does not happen too often. I am ordering a kebab and have asked for meat, sauce, lettuce and tomato. This shop uses red onion.)

Shop Owner: “You don’t want any onion?”

Me: “No, thanks, I’m allergic”

Shop Owner: “Yes, but they’re very good for you.”

Me: “Thanks, but so is breathing.”

Another Way They Make You Cry

Home Is Where The Joke Is

| USA | Bosses & Owners, Pranks

(I work at a popular fast food restaurant. My GM has a good sense of humor. Running drive-thru one day with her, this exchange happens.)

General Manager: “Hello, may I take your order, please?”

Customer: “Give us just a moment, please”.

(A couple minutes go by.)

Customer: “Are you still there?”

General Manager: “Nope, we went home!”

Getting Sour About The Sour Cream

| Cincinnati, OH, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I go through the drive-thru of my local hamburger franchise and order a cheeseburger and a sour cream and chive baked potato. When I get home, the potato is plain. Also, no sour cream, butter, salt, or pepper were included. I call and speak to the manager and explain.)

Manager: “You didn’t tell us you wanted the sour cream and chives for the potato.”

Me: “Wouldn’t ordering a ‘sour cream and chive baked potato’ kind of tip you off that I WANTED sour cream and chives?”

Manager: “No, you have to tell us.”

Me: “It’s in the NAME. Sour cream and chive is right there. I DID say I wanted a sour cream and chive baked potato; how is that not telling you what I wanted?”

Manager: “We can’t read your mind. I can’t credit you anything when you weren’t clear on what you wanted.”