The Age Of Penitence

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(I am 16 and have just moved to the area about four months before this, after not being able to get on my feet from a family crisis the prior year. This night, I am treating my boyfriend to dinner.)

Server: “Anything else I can get you?”

Me: “No, ma’am, just the check, please. Can I get the student discount?”

Server: “Sure thing!”

(The server brings back my check with the discount applied. I go to pay at the hostess stand, where the manager is also standing.)

Hostess: “Oh, cool! I have been saying we should be giving the student discounts to high school students as well.”

Manager: “What? Give me that. We don’t do that!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I asked the server and she might not have realized I’m a high school student. Though, I am still a student… can I ask why you don’t extend them to high school kids?”

Manager: “No one does that. That’s ridiculous.”

Me: “My shop extends the university discount to high school juniors and seniors. I just thought maybe yours might as well.”

Manager: “That’s silly! We have that discount to help out poor college kids who are supporting themselves. Your mommy and daddy are paying for your meal.”

Me: “Excuse me? You can check my card against my ID if you want; you’ll find that I’m paying for this meal out of my own pocket, thanks.”

Manager: “Yeah, but your mommy and daddy probably give you an allowance, didn’t they?”

Me: “Both of my parents are dead, sir. I live in the attic of an extended relative’s home. I work three jobs while going to high school to pay my own bills and save up for college.”

(The manager’s eyes widen and his face reddens. He says nothing and just stares at me.)

Me: “It’s a nice thought, though… parents, I mean.”

(The manager literally scurries away in shame. The hostess was so stunned that she gave us the meal for free and vouchers for another couple of free meals!)

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