Water You, Brainless

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(I’m picking up lunch for my daughter and myself on the way home from running errands. The employee who has taken my order has been very polite and my order is correct. However, I notice there is standing water on the counter. Not just a wet counter: I mean puddles of water. After bagging my food in a paper bag, she proceeds to set it down in the large puddle for me to take.)

Me: “Could I possibly get a plastic bag?”

Employee: *wrinkles her nose* “Why?”

Me: “Well, two reasons. One, it’s easier for me to carry something with a handle. Two, the bottom of the bag is wet and I don’t want it ripping and spilling my food out before I get home.”

(She looks at the bag, and sees the water that’s already soaked at least two inches up the bag.)

Employee: “How did you get it wet?”

Me: “I didn’t; the counter is soaked.”

Employee: *hysterical* “What did you do?! What did you do to this counter?!”

(As she goes to inspect the cardboard holder that contains the drinks to go with my order, even though neither were water, the manager comes over and literally shoves her out of sight.)

Manager: “I am so sorry about that. Let me get you a bag.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Manager: “Sometimes, I wish we had to issue IQ tests to hire people…”

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