You Haven’t Been A Ham

| New Zealand | Bad Behavior, Employees

(It’s the day after Boxing Day and I am at the deli in the supermarket getting some ham. I had encountered the woman who served me the week prior and received a snarky, grumpy attitude. I am very patient and was as cheery as I could be still no smile. Note: in the following conversation, the snarky woman never once smiles or drops the attitude.)

Snarky Woman: *rearranging pepperoni slices*

Me: *patiently waiting to be served*

Other Staff Member: “[Snarky Woman], there are people waiting.”

(The snarky woman ignores coworker, who is unable to serve customers because she is using a big meat slicer, and continues rearranging pepperoni slices.)

Me: *still waiting patiently*

Other Staff Member: “[Snarky Woman], there are customers waiting!” *apologetic smile to customers*

Snarky Woman: *finishes rearranging pepperoni* “I was busy!” *looks at me* “What do YOU want?”

Me: “I’ll have six slices of ham, please.”

Snarky Woman: “Six?” *bags ham with attitude* “Is that all?”

Me: “Yes, thanks.”

Snarky Woman: “Here.” *hands over ham with more attitude*

Me: *finally sick of her attitude and said with as much sarcasm as possible* “You have a lovely day.”

(You have to wonder what people like her are doing in a customer service role…)

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