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    Only Gets Mean For Caffeine

    | England, UK | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Criminal/Illegal

    (Our office is used by the night shift to print documents. Unfortunately, some have taken to eating their lunch in there and generally mistreating the space.)

    Me: “I’m not happy about the office on nights.”

    Boss: “What, why?”

    Me: “Not only are they leaving half eaten food around but things are going missing.”

    (Already I can tell that he isn’t listening, His office has a locked door joining ours.)

    Boss: “Hmm, what’s been going missing?”

    Me: “Sometimes just pens and safety glasses, but often it’s food and money.”

    Boss: “Well, you shouldn’t leave money on the table.”

    Me: “Yes, but people do occasionally forget. I don’t think it’s fair to have to be on high alert in your own office.”

    Boss: “Well, there is nothing we can do about that.”

    (I just about give up. There are several simple things that could have been done, but he couldn’t be bothered. A few weeks later this changes.)

    Boss: “Why is there no coffee?” *to me* “I thought you managed this?”

    Me: “I do, but someone came in last night and took it all.”

    Boss: *almost pleading* “So there is no coffee at all?”

    Me: “Not until I can get out at lunch and buy some.”

    (Two weeks later we had a card reader on the office door. All thefts stopped shortly after. I overheard my boss tell someone how important it was for his team to feel safe. The whole team knew that he was only concerned about getting his morning cup of coffee.)

    International Blame Game

    | USA | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I work in a hospital lab. We often will send samples to other labs if specialized testing is requested (especially genetic testing). When we pack it, the boxes are labeled all over with stickers that say “temperature sensitive,” and “human origin specimens.” We also send a shipping manifest electronically to the lab so that they know it’s coming and can match the samples to the paperwork. We get a doctor who calls and wants to know why he hasn’t seen results on a patient from about three weeks ago. We call the lab we had sent it to.)

    Lab Assistant: “I’m wondering about a sample we sent you a while back. Do you have an update on it? It’s—” *gives the identifying information*

    Other Lab: “We never got it. We called Veronica about it.”

    Lab Assistant: “What are you talking about? We don’t have a Veronica. The contact name on the shipping manifest would be our supervisor, [Name] and it was signed by [Other Name]. We have a duplicate copy of it.”

    Other Lab: “We never got it.”

    (About two days later, we get an international call. It is an appliance factory in Mexico. We learn that after the shipping company tagged the sample as received at the other lab, it was somehow loaded back on a truck and sent to Mexico. After speaking with the shipping company, we learn that it was the other lab’s doing. We call the other lab and try to figure out what to do about this issue. The other lab just keeps insisting that it isn’t their fault, that we should have marked the box better. We don’t really want to play the blame game; we just want to make sure this testing gets done, and that the patient doesn’t get charged twice for very expensive genetic testing. Finally, after they keep on going on about blame, one of the other lab scientists asks the lab assistant to give them the phone.)

    Lab Scientist: “Look, I don’t care whose fault it is. We just want this to work out for the patient, but since you’re stuck on this topic, we weren’t the ones who shipped human biological samples across an international border without customs declaration, and also discussed privileged health information with some lady named Veronica who clearly has nothing to do with this issue. So, if you want to play the blame game, you probably won’t like your consequences.”

    (They shut up about blaming after that.)

    A Local Form Of Gun Control

    | TX, USA | Bosses & Owners, Criminal/Illegal, Employees

    (I work at a sports supply store. An African-American man appears with what looks like nothing on him, until he pulls out a pistol.)

    Man: “I’d like to buy this, please.”

    Me: “I’m sorry?”

    Man: “I wanna buy this gun.”

    Me: “Uh, sir, how did you get that?”

    Man: “The h*** you talking about? I got it from your gun rack! In the back of the store!”

    Me: “Why didn’t you check it out from the man at the counter back there?”

    Man: “There was no one there.”

    Me: “But how did you get the gun?”

    Man: *getting angrier that I’m not understanding* “I got it from the gun rack!”

    Me: “In the gun case?”

    Man: “YES, WHERE THE H*** ELSE?!”

    Me: “Sir, that’s a locked case! How did you get it out?”

    Man: “It wasn’t locked!”

    Me: “Sir, please, you need to go put back that gun and wait for the attendant to come back to the desk.”

    Man: “Can’t you just check me out?”

    Me: “No! I don’t have that kind of authority. We need to check to make sure you’re actually allowed to carry a gun.”

    Man: “What, you calling me a criminal?!”

    Me: “No! I just can’t—”

    Man: “I see! You don’t want me carrying a gun ’cause you think I’m black!”

    Me: *embarrassed* “No, no, sir, I was just saying that, legally speaking, we have to—”

    Man: “This is discrimination! You should be arrested!”

    Me: *now getting mad myself, and decide to make sure I get my point across* “Sir, I’m saying that I cannot, LEGALLY CANNOT, let you buy that gun. It is not because you are black. It is because you are in the United States of America, and the US says you have to show proper ID and make a license for the gun. I am not discriminating. I am trying to not be arrested. Now if you do not want to obey those rules, then you are free to put the gun down right here and LEAVE.”

    (There is a moment of silence, and the man stares at me.)

    Man: “Thank you.”

    Me: “What?”

    Man: “Thank you. This was a test, set up by [My Boss]. And you passed.”

    (I looked around, and My Boss, the store manager, was about a hundred feet away, giving me a thumbs-up.)

    Time Off For Being A Leader

    | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal

    (I’m a team leader of four guys, all working different shifts. Late one afternoon I get a phone call.)

    Worker: “Hi, [My Name]. Sorry, I know I am suppose to be in tonight, but we have just been broken in to.”

    Me: “Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you think you will be able to cover any of your shift?”

    Worker: “I don’t think so, but I will try.”

    (I am in a bad position; with such short notice and no-one to cover we risk tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock.)

    Me: *on phone* “Hi boss, just a quick update, [Worker] won’t be in as he having personal issues at home.”

    Boss: “Unacceptable! Tell him he has to work or be fired!”

    Me: “You can’t do that.. He is entitled to time off.”

    Boss: “No, he isn’t! Call around and get someone in!” *hangs up*

    (I ring around and can’t get cover. Thankfully, despite the issues at home, the worker comes in for some of his shift. The next day…)

    Boss: “I found out that you didn’t get cover last night, I am incredibly disappointed. I think you are not cut out for this job.”

    Me: “I figured you would say this, so here.”

    Boss: “What is this?”

    Me: “It is the legal pages for time off. As you can see I acted totally appropriately in this instance.”

    Boss: “I, err…”

    Me: “And by the way, you don’t pay me to be a team leader, so, yes, if you want to take it off me, please do.”

    Boss: “I, I, err. Okay, well, okay then. Get back to your desk.”

    (This wasn’t the first or last time it happened. He would constantly be ignorant of the law to try to get his way. I eventually told him one too many times to take my position off me, and he did. Then asked me to do it again two weeks later!)

    Quit When You Reach Your Tea Total

    | Czech Republic | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Criminal/Illegal

    (I worked in the tea house but quit because of our boss’ made up a lot of new crazy rules I wasn’t willing to obey. One day I went to see my former co-workers and this happened.)

    Boss: “Hey, [Coworker], why did you rearrange the boxes with tea again?”

    Coworker: “It was arranged according the types of tea for ages. Why did you change it?”

    Boss: “I want it according the colours of boxes. Now it looks better.”

    Coworker: “They are under the counter, no one sees that, and I can’t find a thing that way.”

    Boss: “Doesn’t matter.”

    (5 minutes later:)

    Boss: “[Coworker], you gave that man three pieces of tomato with his couscous. I told you to give two.”

    Coworker: “It was really small tomato so I gave him three.”

    Boss: “I don’t care about the size of tomato. You gave him three!”

    (10 minutes later:)

    Boss: “[Coworker], ask that woman if she wants to order something.”

    Coworker: “She just finished her coffee.”

    Boss: “Doesn’t matter. If she doesn’t order something make her go away.”

    Coworker: “There are only four people. You want me to kick her out because of that? She is talking to her friend who has a tea. They are paying customers.”

    Boss: “I don’t care. Get the order or kick her out.” *walks away*

    Me: “That’s why I quit.”

    Coworker: “One more thing and I’m out. Pay isn’t good either.”

    (15 minutes later:)

    Boss: “[Coworker], you talked with those ladies for seven minutes!”

    Coworker: “What’s the problem?”

    Boss: “You can talk with customer for three minutes max.”

    Coworker: “Eh? Why? They are here for the first time and asked me about our menu. I tried to help them choose the tea they would like.”

    Boss: “You can’t chit chat with the customers. You have to be behind the counter and look professional.”

    Coworker: “I can’t change my shift, I can’t take a break when I need, and now I can’t even talk to the customers?”

    Boss: “Right. And don’t forget to update our Facebook so people know about our new menu.”

    Coworker: “Okay. I quit. [My Name], let’s go.” *he takes off his apron*

    Boss: “You can’t do that! You have to finish your shift! I can force you to finish your shift!”

    Coworker: “Make me.”

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