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(I have a job interview in the morning at nine. I get up early enough to have plenty of time and zip outside to start my vehicle so it can warm up a bit since it is -30C outside. I start the vehicle, lock the doors thinking I have my spare set in my purse, I run back into the garage where I fall face first, hurting both knees quite badly. I get up, finish getting ready, go to my vehicle to start work and I can’t get into my vehicle, I’ve locked both sets of my vehicle keys in there. And now I’ve shut the garage door on my way out so I’m essentially locked out of my house and my vehicle, it’s -30C and I have a job interview in 30 minutes. I call a cab company, panicking, explain what’s happened and they send someone out.)

Me: “Thank you so much for coming so fast, I know you guys are busy this morning.”

Cab Driver: “No problem, my boss said you sounded pretty panicked.”

Me: “Yeah, I have a job interview in 30 minutes and I’m locked out of my house and my running vehicle is close to empty so I need a ride to my mum’s house so I can get my other spare vehicle key, then a ride back to my house to pick up my vehicle.”

Cab Driver: “Oh, that’s no good! Okay, I’ll hurry up then.”

(The cab driver gets through town super fast, waits for me to grab my spare key, drives me back to my car then…)

Cab Driver: “I’ll follow you to the gas station to make sure you get there in time. Worst case I’ll zip you over to your job interview at least.”

(Worst interview morning ever. Best cab driver ever. I tipped him big and he followed me to the gas station. Didn’t get the job, but after that morning, I was just glad I got to the interview on time – all thanks to him!)


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An Unfair Fare

| ON, Canada | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Transportation

(Shortly after getting to work, I realize that my bus fare card has just barely enough for my trip home. With no time in the day to get it filled and a hectic day at work, all I want to do was get home and crawl into bed. So I get on the bus and tap my card, which the machine beeps in response. I go to take my seat.)

Bus Driver: “Stop, you haven’t paid.”

(Thinking the machine didn’t register my card, I tap it again. However, the machine both clearly displays on the screen and by a colored light that I have actually paid.)

Bus Driver: “Not enough money. Go fill it up at the station.”

(Not only is the station across the street and around the corner, but I would have also needed to wait at least another half an hour for the next bus, of which I was in no mood for.)

Me: “Actually, I did pay. Look.” *taps card again, and again gets confirmation of payment*

Bus Driver: “No, there’s not enough money on your card. You need to go get more.”

Me: “No, the machine says I have already paid my fare. See?” *points to display, which very clearly says PAID*

Bus Driver: *ignores machine display completely* “You don’t have enough money.”

(This goes back and forth for several minutes, of which I am getting exceedingly more and more pissed off, as is the line of people being held up behind me. Finally…)

Bus Driver: *in a condescending tone* “Look, I’ll let you ride this time, but next time you should have enough money to pay the fare.”

(I bit my tongue at that point, because I felt like screaming at her “You mean the bus fare I HAVE ALREADY PAID?!”, as well as some other things that likely would have gotten me kicked off the bus anyway.)

Not Driving Solo On This One

| MN, USD | Technology, Transportation

(I am using live chat with a tech support agent. My phone randomly stopped working one day and it is urgent I get a new one as it is the middle of winter and I have a six hour solo drive ahead of me. I have just gotten off the phone with tech support who told me I have to get a new phone, so I am now speaking with someone in sales.)

Me: “I would like to get this resolved before I leave as I am making the six hour drive alone.”

Sales Rep: “That would not be good. Give me a few minutes.”

Me: “Thank you for understanding how hardcore crappy that would be. The last guy I talked to in insurance didn’t seem to get that.”

Sales Rep: “He doesn’t get out much…”

Out Of State, Out Of Mind

| GA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(A customer has requested that a previously delivered package be picked up and sent back. The shipper in our area apparently requested two such pickups, one in Ohio and the other in California. A customer service agent calls my station in Georgia to follow up on the pickups.)

Agent: “I need to know why these two pickups were not made today.”

Me: “I wouldn’t know… They’re not for our service area.”

Agent: “Sir, the shipper is in your service area.”

Me: “That is correct, but the pickups you’re asking about are to be made in Ohio and California and the packages are to come back to the shipper here in Georgia.”

Agent: “So why haven’t they been picked up yet?”

Me: “Again, I don’t know… The pickups are not for our service area.”

Agent: “Sir, the shipper, who is in your area, requested these pickups. I need to know why they haven’t been made because the shipper is requesting an update.”

Me: “Okay… you realize that you called this station in Georgia, right? The two pickups you are asking me about are to be made in Ohio and California. This station doesn’t service those two states.”

(I proceed to tell the Agent exactly which two stations are to make the pickups… and even give him each station’s phone number.)

Agent: “I don’t understand.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Agent: “How can these pickups not be for your area if the shipper, who is in your area, requested that they be made?”

Me: “Do you understand how this particular pickup process works? The tracking numbers you gave me indicate what station is supposed to pick them up. And I just told you which two stations you need to speak with. My station has nothing to with these two pickups aside from delivering the packages back to the shipper once they get here.”

Agent: “I don’t believe that is accurate. I will need to inform my manager about this conversation and how you were not willing give me the information as I have requested. And I will have him call you back to discuss this matter further.”

Me: “Oh, please do go tell your manager what all you know about this particular pickup process. I will be here all evening if he needs to discuss the matter with me.”

(Clearly the agent’s manager was more knowledgeable on the matter than he was as I did not receive another call about the pickups.)

Has Zero Confidence In Them

| Folkestone, England, UK | Employees, Money, Popular, Transportation, Trending

(My dad answers the phone to a telemarketer.)

Telemarketer: “Hello, Mr [Our Surname]. I’m calling from [Car Insurance Company] and I bet I can save you £100 on your car insurance.”

Dad: “I bet you can’t.”

Telemarketer: “I bet I can, sir.”

Dad: “No, I really bet you can’t.”

Telemarketer: “I’m so confident I can, sir.”

Dad: “In that case, you owe me £100.”

Telemarketer: “What?”

Dad: “Well, I don’t have a car, so I have no car insurance. Therefore you owe me £100.”

Telemarketer: “That’s not how this works, sir.”

Dad: “We made a bet. Zero minus 100 is -100, so you owe me £100. Please make the cheque payable to [Dad’s Name]. Thank you!” *click*

(Dad does indeed have a car, and a very good price on his car insurance. Needless to say, we never had a call from this company again!)

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