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It’s A Very Long Island

| OH, USA | Geography, Transportation

(I am waiting for a package to be delivered. I check the tracking and see that it went past my city, was sorted at a distant location and sent on to New York. From there it went to Long Island and is out for delivery. This places the package about 10 hours from my home. I call to see what can be done.)

Me: *explains entire situation*

Customer Service Rep: “Tracking number?”

Me: *gives number*

Customer Service Rep: “It’s out for delivery.”

Me: “Can you tell me in what city?”

Customer Service Rep: “Long Island.”

Me: “I don’t live there. It’s ten hours away.”

Customer Service Rep: “It’s out for delivery. It will be delivered to you by 8 pm today.”

Me: “That’s impossible. If the driver gets in his truck right now, drives straight to my house with no stops, he won’t get here until 9:00 pm. That’s no stops of any kind. No breaks, no gas, nothing.”

Customer Service Rep: “It WILL be delivered today.”

Me: “It’s ten hours away.”

Customer Service Rep: “Some of our drivers have longer routes than others. It WILL be delivered before 8 pm. Thank you for calling.”

(Yes, he then hung up and no, my package didn’t arrive that day. Or the next.)

Making Them Go Postal

| USA | Bad Behavior, Transportation

Due to his military duties, my husband and I are living in different states for awhile. He is using my address as his billing address, as all he has at training is a PO box.

I open all the mail that arrives here addressed to him, since it will be months before he is home.

When his credit card is due to expire, his bank sends him a new one to my address, with a note that his old card will deactivate by a certain date, now seven days away. I know this is his only credit card, so I immediately stick it all in a new envelope to mail to his PO box. I pause before writing “please do not bend” on the envelope; I think, would this perhaps anger a postal employee and cause him or her to deliberately mistreat the parcel? No! Quit being so paranoid. These are professionals! I wrote “please do not bend” so they would know to please treat it extra carefully.

Thankfully my husband receives the card exactly one week later, on the deactivation date and calls to tell me. His first words are, “Sweetie, not only did they bend it, they cracked the credit card clean in half.”

This does not happen in the course of normal mail; someone deliberately destroyed it. I wish I could call someone and complain, but it’s impossible! It’s the perfect crime. Luckily, my husband called his bank and they over-nighted him a new card to his temporary housing. But I have learned a valuable lesson in writing polite warnings on my parcels. So much for their being professionals!

Test-Driving Customers Away

| USA | Bigotry, Employees, Transportation

(I am a 22-year-old female from a family full of baby faces; we all look a bit younger than we really are. I am meeting a man to look at the used car he is selling, and I have brought my dad because I know very little about engines compared to him.)

Me: “May I take it for a test drive?”

Guy: “Uh, honey, do you have your license yet?”

Me: “Yes. I have been driving for six years.”

Guy: “Oh.”

(We go on the test drive. While I drive, the guy and my father have a conversation about cars that they like. We get back, and the guy continues to ignore me.)

Guy: *to my dad* “So, what are you looking to spend on her car?”

Dad: “Oh, no, this is all her money. I’m just along for the ride.”

Guy: *to me* “Sweetheart, is my car in your price range?”

(We left after that. His car was actually the cheapest one I looked at!)

The Tail End Of Repairs

| Portland, OR, USA | Pun, Transportation

(I just got my car repaired after getting rear-ended, and after getting home I notice that the rear windshield-wiper is installed upside down, so instead of swinging up over the windshield it swings down over the license plate. I take it back to the shop.)

Repairman: “Sorry about that error, but fortunately I can fix it in two shakes of… well, of the car’s tail.”

The Bank That Doesn’t Go The Distance

| USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Transportation

(I recently moved to a city within the same state as my hometown. I had banked with a local credit union my entire life, but the closest branch to my new apartment is over an hour drive away, so I find a new credit union to bank with. It doesn’t go as planned.)

Employee: “Can I ask why you’re switching banks? Are you dissatisfied with our service?”

Me: “No, no, of course not. I’ve been beyond pleased with your services. I’ve even dragged my feet for months to do this because I love banking with you.”

Employee: “Then why the change?”

Me: “I’ve moved a considerable distance. Your closest branch is an hour drive from my home.”

Employee: “Why not make the drive if you like us so much?”

Me: “Well, for starters, I don’t own a car.”

Employee: “Can’t you borrow someone’s?”

Me: “I’m sorry; you seem to not be understanding me. I’m switching banks. Please stop questioning me like this.”

Employee: “I just don’t understand why you’re leaving!”

Me: *completely frustrated* “Because I’m not wasting two hours of my life and a large sum of money to rent a car to do my banking!”

(I eventually got someone else to help me, but I’m still baffled the first employee didn’t understand something as simple as moving!)

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