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Time For Her To Reverse On Out Of There

| MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Job Seekers, Transportation

(I’m a manager at a very busy cafe. One day I head over to the restaurant for work. On my way there, a woman nearly hits me while changing lanes without using her blinker. I slam my brakes and lay on my horn, but she doesn’t even acknowledge the accident she almost started. She proceeds to cut off four other people, again without a blinker and without any room for her car to even go. She’s headed in the same direction as I am. When we turn off to the same shopping center, she pulls in front of another store, nearly hitting a pedestrian. While she’s not in front of me, I manage to get a look at her face. I go in the cafe and start setting up. An hour later, the same woman comes into the cafe.)

Insane Woman: *to the host* “HEY. I need to talk to the manager.”

Host: “Sure thing. What did you need to see the manager for? I can let him know when I tell him that you’d like to see him.”

Insane Woman: “None of your god-d*** business. Go get your manager.”

Host: *shocked* “Uh, okay.”

(The host comes to get me and tells me that there’s a woman to see me and that she appears to be angry. I ask what the problem was and the host, of course, doesn’t know. He mentions that she has just walked in.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how can I help you?”

(At this point, I recognize her from this morning)

Insane Woman: “I want a job application.”

Me: *trying not to laugh in disgust* “Oh, really? What makes you want to work here?”

Insane Woman: “Is that really any of your business?”

Me: “Considering that I do the hiring, yes.”

Insane Woman: “Does this place pay well? Also, I don’t work weekends.”

Me: *trying to contain myself* “I don’t think this would be a good fit for you.”

Insane Woman: *glaring* “Uh… WHY?”

Me: “Well, first, your attitude is sour and our cafe is known for its friendly staff. Second, your insane driving habits would be extremely off-putting to anyone who knew you worked here.”

Insane Woman: “How would YOU know how I drive?!”

Me: “Because you almost hit me this morning when you cut me off.”

Insane Woman: *silent*

Me: “You then almost hit four other cars and when you pulled into this shopping center about an hour ago, you nearly hit a pedestrian.”

Insane Woman: *rolls her eyes*

Me: “I sincerely hope you go home and work on your attitude some more. Being rude is one thing; causing physical danger to the people around you, though, is absolutely unforgivable. Have a nice day.”

Insane Woman: “Where’s the job application I asked for?”

Me: *thinking: has she even been listening?* “Have a nice day.”

(I walked away and she just stood there for a minute before leaving.)


Making A Whole Lot Of Noise About Doing His Job

| MN, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

(My car is still under warranty and is making a horrible grinding sound when speeding up, likely from the shifting. I take it in.)

Technician: “It says here that you have been hearing funny sounds, but you know this car is different and will make different sounds.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but this is a grinding sound that is terrible and it is getting worse.”

Technician: *bringing out a paper from the website of the company* “See here this shows you it’s normal, plus to you just brought it in recently and they had to reset it, so that makes it do it again.”

Me: “I only brought it in for a recall notice. But this is a new sound that sounds like it will hurt the car.”

Technician: “Well it’s 15 pages of tests we’ll run but we will call you this afternoon if we find anything.”

(They call and it has failed multiple tests, and I get a new clutch and seal. When I pick it up…)

Technician: “Some noises are normal!”


You Crossed The Wrong Guy

| GA, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Transportation

(I work for a feed mill. The mill itself serves most of the farmers in the area, and covers an area of about a square mile. Most of that area is taken up by a rail yard for incoming and outgoing cars. I am a train operator, though with a remote control pack which lets me operate the engine from the ground, and usually well away from it. I’m on shift, moving a cut of eight or nine cars out of one track of the yard to the unloading area. As I’m riding the engine out, checking the cars as they come out of the siding, I hear a very loud bang and feel the engine start to shudder. It finally stops moving, right in the middle of the crossing, blocking all traffic in either direction. Climbing down, I find that I’ve derailed. I call management to let them know this, while trying to direct traffic to use another crossing further up. As I’m doing this, a guy waiting at the crossing comes piling out of his car and heading my way. You can see that he’s livid, which in all honesty, I can’t blame him for.)

Man: “How long are you going to be here blocking traffic?”

Me: “Honestly, don’t know. We’re on the ground here.”

Man: “I know that. I want to know how long before you move that d*** thing so I can get to work.”

Me: “Best guess: six, maybe seven hours. Depends on how long it takes a crane to get out here.”

Man: “I want that thing out of the way NOW! Get up there and move it.”

Me: “You want me to what, pick that up with my bare hands and move it? Do I look like the Hulk to you?”

Man: “No, you f****** moron. I want you to back that d*** thing up so I can pass.”

Me: “Sir, it’s derailed. It’s not going anywhere. You can use [next crossing up] if you need.”

Man: “It’s not f****** derailed, you moron. You just stopped it. I watched you pull up and stop. Don’t f****** lie to me!”

Me: “Whatever. It’s not going anywhere, so you can just piss off.”

(About this time the police arrive, along with the fire department and a few other lookie-loos. Local news even turns up. The officer starts making people back up, and go to the next crossing, only to have the man walk up to him and start shouting. After a minute or two, the cop and man come over to me.)

Cop: “This gentleman says you’re not derailed, and that you just stopped here. Is that true?”

(I look up at the engine, which is skewed off the track and sitting in the crossing at an angle. It’s also listing to one side by a few degrees.)

Me: “Stupid question here. Trains need tracks to run on right?”

Man: “So?”

Me: “Do you see it sitting on the track there?”

Man: “I don’t f****** care! Just get that d*** thing moved!”

Cop: “He has a point, sir. Now you can just go around, or sit here until it’s cleaned up. Your choice.”

(It took three hours for the crane to arrive, another two to get the engine back on the tracks, and one more for the city to repave the road (and this time not pave over the tracks) before everything was cleared. The guy sat in his car the whole time, waiting for it to finish. By about midnight, he was waved through the crossing, giving a parting flip of the bird as he passed. That other crossing? About five hundred feet just up the road.)

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