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More Taxing Than It Should Be

| Iowa City, IA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(I call a local taxi service on a Sunday when buses aren’t running. A man answers.)

Man: “Do you need a taxi?”

Me: “Yes, I do—”

Man: “Too bad!” *hangs up*


The Degree Of The Problem Is Fluid

| CA, USA | Employees, Transportation

(My sister and I have just invested in a used sedan, which includes a dealership warranty up to 100,000 miles. Rather than go back to the original dealership we bought the car from, we decide to hit up its sister dealership in our hometown. The appointment is fairly straightforward – oil change, tire rotation, and the like – and is reasonably priced. I head back home after dropping off the car and receive a phone call about a half hour later.)

Me: “Hello?”

Sales Associate: “Hello, [My Name]! Just calling you back about your car. It looks like the transmission fluid is dirty, so we’re thinking it would be best to flush it out and replace it.”

Me: “Okay… how much extra would that cost?”

Sales Associate: “It would add $500 to your original cost.”

(I’m floored, and since I’m fairly new to this whole car owning thing, I decide to double-check with my father. My father promptly calls the dealership back.)

Father: “So, let me get this straight: We just got this car about a month ago, and you’re already saying the transmission fluid is so dirty, it needs to be changed?”

Sales Associate: “It’s a little bit dirty, and we just figured…”

Father: “A little bit? Okay, I know that you rate the transmission fluid quality as green for good, yellow for okay, and red for bad. What color code would you use for this car?”

Sales Associate: “Sir, the fluid is dirty and – ”

Father: “What. Color. Would you use?”

Sales Associate: *deflated* “Yellow…”

Father: “Thank you. We’ll hold off on changing the fluid.”

(After that, we decided to take the car back to the original dealership, and lo and behold, the transmission fluid was in the green! Unfortunately, they started trying to rip my sister and me off as well, so I’ve gone to a small local car shop in my hometown ever since. I’ve had my car for four years now, and besides a few minor issues, it’s in great shape!)


A Call For Help

| Seattle, WA, USA | Tourists & Travel, Transportation

(While traveling for a family vacation, we start in Spokane, then fly to Seattle and have a two-hour layover before flying to Los Angeles, and then to Sydney, Australia. We are on the 8:30 am flight from Spokane, however due to maintenance problems the 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 flights all leave at 10:30 in a bigger plane. Many people, including us, miss their connections and are lining up at the service desk. At the beginning there were two employees working but one left. We are third in line and when there is only one employee left, a woman starts yelling about missing her connection. The employee helps the women and looks like she is about to cry and leaves saying that someone else would be there soon. 15 minutes later the phone begins to ring with no one to answer it.)

Mother: *jokingly to the person ahead of us* “You should answer it.”

Bob: *walks around the counter and answers* “Hello.”


Bob: “This is Bob.”


Bob: “I’m a customer. There’s no one here, there’s lineup all the way down the hall, and there’s going to be a riot if we don’t start getting some help.” *hangs up*

(Five minutes later, four employees came running down the hall. We did make eventually make it to Australia but two of our bags were lost.)


Doesn’t Know What The Truck You’re Signing

| Boulder, CO, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Transportation

(I’m on the phone to my trash collection folks.)

Me: “I am now so disabled that I can’t get the trash cans to the curb. I’ll be able to do that again when I get my hip replacement in June. In the meantime, could your guys get them from the garage and return them there? I’d be glad to pay.”

Representative: “Why, certainly! This is the cost, and you’ll need to sign a form saying they may go on your property. I’ll email it to you.”

Me: *calling back after I get the form* “This form gives permission for you to drive the trash truck onto my property. I just want the guys to walk a few steps to get the containers.”

Representative: “It’s the same thing.”

Me: “No, the form clearly says the weight of the truck will damage my driveway. I can rewrite it so it’s correct, if your legal department won’t care.”

Representative: “Um… let me check something…”

(Hold music.)

Representative: “Oh, you don’t have to sign a form after all. You’ve given us verbal permission to walk up the driveway for the trash cans. Thank you!”


Trip To Hell Turned Into Trip To Helsinki

| Montreal, QC, Canada | Awesome Workers, Tourists & Travel, Transportation

(It’s my second time going overseas. A week prior, I was planning to spend a year in a specialized school, but my residence permit was denied shortly before my departure. Having the plane tickets already, I decide to still go for a vacation.)

Me: *in the car with my parents* “It’s really odd, but I don’t feel like I’ll be traveling today…”

(At the airport, the first flight out of my journey of three is cancelled. After the residence permit refusal, I’m pretty distressed, but decide to wait in the long line for customer service.)

Me: “Hi. I was supposed to be on the flight to Boston, and then to Reykjavik, and then to Helsinki. Is there anything that can be done?”

(The lady at the desk widens her eyes at the mention of two further connections.)

Lady: “Okay. Okay. Give me a minute.”

(She goes into focus mode as I wait, occasionally asking a question to a colleague. At that point, I’ve joined my hands, prayer-like.)

Lady: “Oh, please don’t worry; we’re getting you to Helsinki. It will be a little later than you would have. You’ll be on a flight to Frankfurt, and then to Finland.”

Me: “Honestly, right now I’m just really hoping that you get the kindness of your work a hundredfold!”

Lady: *laughing* “Well I’m getting married in a month, so good weather would be perfect!”

(I wished her the best. She had a colleague take my suitcase to get it checked in again, and I did make it to Finland. I hope her wedding was fantastic!)

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