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On The Train To Hooky Street

| London, England, UK | Awesome Workers, Transportation

(I board a train at Clapham Junction going out of London.)

Conductor: “Hello, lovely people joining us at Clapham Junction. Just to let you know, there is no first class on this train. No income tax. No VAT.”

Conductor: “We are now approaching Wimbledon. Can I ask that you take all of you rubbish with you? Unfortunately, there are no Wombles to clean up after you.”

Conductor: *in the voice of The Professor from ‘Futurama’* “Good news, everyone! We’ve now passed the late running train ahead of us so should be able to make up some time. Once again, apologies for the late running of this service.”


Doesn’t Get The Deal

| Chicago, IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(My husband and I are looking to purchase a new car, an SUV. After looking at multiple deals online, we finalize a couple of cars and visit one dealership to test drive the car. This dealership is known for selling only high end cars, along the lines of Corvettes and BMW M3s. We call ahead to let them know we will stop by. We enter the dealership and are greeted by a younger guy. We test drive the car and love it and go back to the office to discuss the offer. Note that this is a Friday.)

Salesman #1: “Are you planning to buy the car today?”

Us: “We need to go over our options and also get the check ready for the total amount. But we would like to first discuss what deal you can offer us on the car. If we like the deal, we can make a small payment to hold the car for us.”

Salesman #1: “I cannot make any deals but let me get my manager.”

Manager: “Hi. I heard you wanted to buy the SUV. We do not usually sell those cars as they are below our normal price range. But we fortunately have just the one car for you.”

Us: *ignoring his tactic* “Yes. We test drove the car and we loved it. But what deal can you offer us on the car?”

Manager: “Sorry, no deal. Are you buying it today?”

Us: “We are serious about buying the car and definitely love this. But we do not have the check for the complete amount right now. We would also like to discuss our options, at least over the weekend, before we make such a huge investment. So we need some time.”

Manager: *to [Salesman #1]* “Okay. They need time. Let’s go.”

(Both of them just walk out from there without any further comment.)

Husband: *calling after them* “Excuse me. If you are walking out of this office, then so are we.”

(And we also walked out.)


Totally Divorced From The Process

| Denver, CO, USA | Bad Behavior, Money, Transportation

(My mother is recently divorced, and the process has been hard on her emotionally. A few months after the divorce was legally filed she notices that our car insurance company began to up her payments. She calls…)

Mom: “I saw that my payments are starting to call for more money. I’m afraid I don’t have enough of an income to pay this. Is there a mistake in the system or something…?”

Representative: “Oh, no, ma’am! After looking at your recent legal activities that increase in payment was on purpose!”

Mom: “Oh… may I ask why? What exactly do you mean by legal activities?”

Representative: “We saw that you were recently divorced?”

Mom: *taken aback* “Yes…”

Representative: “Our company increases the payment on recently divorced customers because we found out they’re at risk for more reckless driving.”

Mom: “Why on EARTH would you do that?! First of all, look at my driving records! The only things I have EVER pulled this insurance for was a windshield repair and when someone ran into my parked car! I am at a low risk for accidents! And how does being DIVORCED cause customers to be more reckless at DRIVING!?”

Representative: “Well, emotionally–”

Mom: “AND, and I CAN’T AFFORD to pay this much for the insurance payment! I live off of a teaching salary with my three children! I CANNOT pay this! PLEASE, tell me is there anything I can do to lower this?”

Representative: “No, ma’am, it is company policy.”

Mom: “Are you serious? WHY on EARTH would your company charge extra for divorced customers!?”

Representative: *haughtily* “Well, YOU’RE the one getting the divorce!”

(My mom went into a total fit. The supervisor told her the same thing, with a very nasty attitude, and my mom has since dropped that company for our car insurance.)


Time For Her To Reverse On Out Of There

| MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Job Seekers, Transportation

(I’m a manager at a very busy cafe. One day I head over to the restaurant for work. On my way there, a woman nearly hits me while changing lanes without using her blinker. I slam my brakes and lay on my horn, but she doesn’t even acknowledge the accident she almost started. She proceeds to cut off four other people, again without a blinker and without any room for her car to even go. She’s headed in the same direction as I am. When we turn off to the same shopping center, she pulls in front of another store, nearly hitting a pedestrian. While she’s not in front of me, I manage to get a look at her face. I go in the cafe and start setting up. An hour later, the same woman comes into the cafe.)

Insane Woman: *to the host* “HEY. I need to talk to the manager.”

Host: “Sure thing. What did you need to see the manager for? I can let him know when I tell him that you’d like to see him.”

Insane Woman: “None of your god-d*** business. Go get your manager.”

Host: *shocked* “Uh, okay.”

(The host comes to get me and tells me that there’s a woman to see me and that she appears to be angry. I ask what the problem was and the host, of course, doesn’t know. He mentions that she has just walked in.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how can I help you?”

(At this point, I recognize her from this morning)

Insane Woman: “I want a job application.”

Me: *trying not to laugh in disgust* “Oh, really? What makes you want to work here?”

Insane Woman: “Is that really any of your business?”

Me: “Considering that I do the hiring, yes.”

Insane Woman: “Does this place pay well? Also, I don’t work weekends.”

Me: *trying to contain myself* “I don’t think this would be a good fit for you.”

Insane Woman: *glaring* “Uh… WHY?”

Me: “Well, first, your attitude is sour and our cafe is known for its friendly staff. Second, your insane driving habits would be extremely off-putting to anyone who knew you worked here.”

Insane Woman: “How would YOU know how I drive?!”

Me: “Because you almost hit me this morning when you cut me off.”

Insane Woman: *silent*

Me: “You then almost hit four other cars and when you pulled into this shopping center about an hour ago, you nearly hit a pedestrian.”

Insane Woman: *rolls her eyes*

Me: “I sincerely hope you go home and work on your attitude some more. Being rude is one thing; causing physical danger to the people around you, though, is absolutely unforgivable. Have a nice day.”

Insane Woman: “Where’s the job application I asked for?”

Me: *thinking: has she even been listening?* “Have a nice day.”

(I walked away and she just stood there for a minute before leaving.)


Making A Whole Lot Of Noise About Doing His Job

| MN, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

(My car is still under warranty and is making a horrible grinding sound when speeding up, likely from the shifting. I take it in.)

Technician: “It says here that you have been hearing funny sounds, but you know this car is different and will make different sounds.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but this is a grinding sound that is terrible and it is getting worse.”

Technician: *bringing out a paper from the website of the company* “See here this shows you it’s normal, plus to you just brought it in recently and they had to reset it, so that makes it do it again.”

Me: “I only brought it in for a recall notice. But this is a new sound that sounds like it will hurt the car.”

Technician: “Well it’s 15 pages of tests we’ll run but we will call you this afternoon if we find anything.”

(They call and it has failed multiple tests, and I get a new clutch and seal. When I pick it up…)

Technician: “Some noises are normal!”

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